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16: 06: 29

Navigational Stats:
Sensors: 0

Size: 1x3
Cargo Stats:
Weight: 3,069 T
Volume: 1,238 m³

Volume Cap: 300 m³

Max Passengers: 40
Flats: 0
Jobs: 15.0
Hull Stats:
Hull: 3,000

Energy: -3
Ionic Capacity: 3,000

28,206 Credits

Facility Income

Required Raw Materials:
Quantum (Armour): 13
Meleenium (Durasteel): 101
Duracrete (Building Materials): 30
Lommite (Transparisteel): 40

Offices are places of business, where many sentient beings spend a large part of their day earning a living. Most modern enterprises require facilities that are not typically found in residential structures so offices are designed specifically as commercial buildings. They often appeal to potential tenants with austere interiors, ample floor space for employee workstations and integrated security and communication systems.

Even though office blocks can be found anywhere, these buildings are usually built in cities with many skyscrapers lining the streets and slicing into the clouds. While the office doesn't compare to the skyscraper in size, it does offer many jobs to the local population as well as having a decent capacity. In most cases, additional office space has proven beneficial to any city; generally pulling only a small amount of power from the local grid while luring new companies to the area, creating new jobs and providing monthly income to their owners. However, it has also been the case that too much available commercial real estate in one city can hurt all parties involved, ultimately resulting in a decline in profits.

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Floor: Ground