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Pesmenben V
Planet: Pesmenben V
System: Pesmenben
Sector: Teraab
Galactic coordinates: (230, 25)
System coordinates: (4, 5)

Planet type: temperate/breathable
Planet size: 8 x 8

Controlled By: Triumvirate Coalition
Governor: Triumvirate Coalition
Magistrate: ProConsul Ait Maru
Total population: 56,832,529 inhabitants
Hireable Population: 1,000 People
Civilisation level: 8.6300%
Tax level: 5.0000%
Planet income: 10,793,046 credits
Tax income: 539,652 credits

Pesmenben V has a pleasant, breathable atmosphere. It is a world covered with forests and jungles intermixed with large grassy plains. The only geographical feature that is an exception to this are the icecaps near both poles.

Devoid of any indigenous intelligent life, the forests and jungles are however teeming with small animals and hundreds of species of birds. On the plains several herbivores have developed, most notably the Cracian Thumpers that were brought to the planet by the early colonists as both a riding animal and a beast of burden. During the years many of these escaped and have now become accustomed to the wild.

Very few natural predators exist on Pesmenben V, with the exception of the Pesmenbenian Skar kla, very similar to the Skar kla found on Bothawui. This is an animal that hunts in packs and is active throughout most of the Renatasan spring, summer and most of the autumn. In the winter the packs hibernate deep inside the Pesmenbenian forests.

Planet map: