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Last Updated: Year 16 Day 35 This map is an overview of the political boundaries in the galaxy. Each sector is coloured to correspond with a given government. Move your mouse over a sector to view the local government (if any).

Galactic Empire is the current government of the galaxy.
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Abregado - Government: Galactic Empire Abrion - Government: New Republic Adari - Government: Trade Federation Admin Sector - Do Not Enter Ado Airam - Government: Rogue Squadron Airon - Government: Trade Federation Albanin Albarrio Alderaan Allied Tion - Government: Tion Hegemony Al`Nasrl - Government: Eidola Pirates Antemeridian Anthos - Government: Trade Federation Aparo Arkania - Government: Mandalore Arkanis - Government: New Republic Artesia Ash Worlds Astal - Government: Bothan Media Services Atravis - Government: Rogue Squadron Atrisian CW - Government: Galactic Empire Atrivis Auril - Government: Tresario Star Kingdom Azure - Government: Galactic Empire Bajic Bakura - Government: Trade Federation Balmorra - Government: Trade Federation Bamula Barma - Government: Galactic Empire Baronos Baxel - Government: Eidola Pirates Belderone - Government: Tion Hegemony Belnar Belsmuth - Government: Mandalore Bheriz Bilbringi Bitrose Boeus Bogden Bon`nyuw-Luq Bormea - Government: Galactic Empire Bortele Cluster - Government: Tresario Star Kingdom Bosph Bothan Space Botor Enclave - Government: Galactic Empire Bozhnee Brak Braxant Brema - Government: New Republic Bright Jewel Bri`ahl - Government: Trade Federation Byblos Cadavine Cademimu Cadma - Government: Tresario Star Kingdom Calamari Calaron - Government: Tresario Star Kingdom Callia Carrion Cassander Cegul - Government: The Krath Dynasty Centrality Cerean Quadrant Chaykin Chommel - Government: Falleen Federation Chopani Chorlian - Government: Mandalore Churba Churnis - Government: Galactic Empire Circarpous - Government: Mandalore Ciutric - Government: Confederacy of Independent Systems Clacis Colundra Corellian - Government: Galactic Empire Corosi Corporate Sector Coruscant - Government: Galactic Empire Corva Cor`ric Cronese Mandate - Government: Tion Hegemony Csilla - Government: New Republic D'Aelgoth Dail - Government: Bothan Media Services Dalchon Dalicron - Government: The Krath Dynasty Dalonbian Danjar - Government: New Republic Dantus Darlonn - Government: Trade Federation Darpa - Government: Galactic Empire Daupherm States - Government: Galactic Empire Deadalis Deep Core Security Zone - Government: Galactic Empire Delle Demetras Difiluvian Doldur - Government: Falleen Federation Dolomar - Government: Galactic Empire Dominus Droma Druess - Government: Falleen Federation Duluur Duro - Government: Galactic Empire Dustig Dynali - Government: The Krath Dynasty D`astan Eclorar - Government: The Krath Dynasty Ehosiq - Government: New Republic Ejolus Elrood - Government: Rogue Squadron Emmo - Government: Galactic Empire Endocray Esstran Esuain - Government: Trade Federation Fakir Farlax - Government: Aurodium Legion Farrfin - Government: Galactic Empire Farstey Fath - Government: Eidola Pirates Fellwe Ferra Foless Galov Garis - Government: New Republic Gaulus Gendius Ghost Nebula - Government: New Republic Glythe Gordian Reach Gree Grohl - Government: New Republic Grumani - Government: New Republic Haldeen Halla Halthor Hapes Cluster - Government: Hapes Consortium Harrin Harron Herglic Space - Government: Galactic Empire Herios Hevvrol - Government: Confederacy of Independent Systems Hewett Hijoian Space - Government: Aurodium Legion Hollan - Government: Aurodium Legion Homon Hook Nebula Horob Humbarine - Government: Galactic Empire Hunnovers Hutt Space - Government: Eidola Pirates I-Sector Illodia Immalia Indrexu Inner Cluster - Government: The Krath Dynasty Instrop Iotran Expanse - Government: Eidola Pirates Irishi Japrael - Government: Mandalore Jaso - Government: Galactic Empire Javin - Government: Rogue Squadron Jjannex - Government: Rogue Squadron Jospro Jubilar - Government: Tresario Star Kingdom Juris Juvex Kalamith Kallea - Government: The Krath Dynasty Kanchen - Government: Aurodium Legion Kanz Karthakk Kastolar Kathol - Government: The Krath Dynasty Keldrath Kesh Kessel - Government: Mandalore Khuiumin Kiblini Kiffex Kilbanis Kira CW Kira RW Kliap Klina Kokash - Government: Aurodium Legion Koradin - Government: Trade Federation Koro-Teta - Government: Galactic Empire Krenher - Government: Galactic Empire Kriz Ktilac Regions - Government: Trade Federation Kuat - Government: Galactic Empire Lahara Lambda - Government: Falleen Federation Lantillian Likasha Locris Lol Lostar Lostar II Lytton - Government: Galactic Empire M'shinni Maldrood - Government: Tresario Star Kingdom Mandalore - Government: Mandalore Marasa Nebula Marcol Mayagil - Government: New Republic Meerian - Government: Mandalore Meram Merel Meridian Mieru'kar Minos - Government: The Krath Dynasty Moddell - Government: Trade Federation Mondress - Government: Confederacy of Independent Systems Morobe Morshdine Mortex - Government: Galactic Empire Mytaranor - Government: New Republic Myto Narvath - Government: Falleen Federation Nembus Neshig Nijune Nilgaard Noonian Nouane - Government: Trade Federation Nuiri Null Zone Obtrexta Ojoster - Government: Mandalore Ollonir Boundaries Oplovis Oricho Orus - Government: Trade Federation Ottega Pacanth Reach - Government: Trade Federation Pakuuni Parfadi Parmel Parmic Parmorak - Government: Galactic Empire Pelgrin Perinn Periphery - Government: Eidola Pirates Perkell Phelleem - Government: Eidola Pirates Phu Ploo Portmoak Prackla - Government: Trade Federation Praxlis - Government: Aurodium Legion Prefsbelt Qiilura Quanta - Government: Galactic Empire Quelii - Government: Mandalore Quence - Government: Mandalore Quess - Government: New Republic Questal Quiberon - Government: The Krath Dynasty Qwymar Rachuk - Government: The Krath Dynasty Raioballo Rayter Reecee - Government: Aurodium Legion Relgim Renillis Rolion Rseik - Government: Rogue Squadron Saijo Samix - Government: Bothan Media Services Sanbra Sarin Savareen - Government: New Republic Sector 5 - Government: Galactic Empire Seitia - Government: The Krath Dynasty Senex Sepan Sern Sertar Seswenna - Government: Rogue Squadron Sevetta Shadola Shataum Shelsha Shiwal Shwuy Sith Worlds - Government: Galactic Empire Skine Sloo - Government: Triumvirate Coalition Sluis - Government: New Republic Sombure Soun Spadja - Government: Tion Hegemony Spinward Spirva Sprizen Steniplis - Government: Rogue Squadron Stensen - Government: Trade Federation Strabin Subterrel - Government: The Krath Dynasty Sujimis - Government: Falleen Federation Sumitra Suolriep - Government: Tresario Star Kingdom Svivreni - Government: Rogue Squadron Taldot - Government: Triumvirate Coalition Tamarin - Government: Eidola Pirates Tamban - Government: Aurodium Legion Tammuz - Government: The Krath Dynasty Tandon Tantra - Government: Rogue Squadron Tapani Tarabba Tennuutta Teraab - Government: Triumvirate Coalition Terr'skiar - Government: Trade Federation Testarr - Government: Galactic Empire Thanium Tharin Thesme Thrasybule - Government: Mandalore Three-Besh Thuris Tion Hegemony - Government: Tion Hegemony Toblain Tolonda Torch Nebula Torranix - Government: Aurodium Legion Tragan Cluster Trans-Nebular Trax - Government: New Republic Trestis Trilon Tungra - Government: The Krath Dynasty Tunka Tynna - Government: Falleen Federation Tynquay - Government: Galactic Empire Uoti - Government: Galactic Empire Urce Space - Government: Falleen Federation Vannell - Government: Aurodium Legion Varada Varvenna Velcar Vensensor - Government: Trade Federation Veragi Vernet Videnda - Government: Rogue Squadron Vilonis - Government: Falleen Federation Vorc Vorzyd Wazta - Government: Trade Federation Weemell Weneen Wornal - Government: Trade Federation Wyl - Government: Galactic Empire Wyloff - Government: Galactic Empire Xappyh Yminis Yucrales Yushan Zaric Zeemacht Cluster - Government: Trade Federation Zoraster - Government: New Republic Zuma - Government: Trade Federation