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Pesmenben II
Planet: Pesmenben II
System: Pesmenben
Sector: Teraab
Galactic coordinates: (230, 25)
System coordinates: (15, 9)

Planet type: hot/toxic atmosphere
Planet size: 12 x 12

Controlled By: Triumvirate Coalition
Governor: Triumvirate Coalition
Magistrate: Consul Dero Racto
Total population: 20,041,102 inhabitants
Hireable Population: 999 People
Civilisation level: 3.5400%
Tax level: 5.0000%
Planet income: 1,378,049 credits
Tax income: 68,902 credits

A seismic nightmare, Pesmenben II is a planet constantly tearing itself apart. Constant volcanic eruptions disturb the surface of the planet that has no atmosphere to speak of. Unlike most planets Pesmenben II has poles that are made up of mostly molten rock, spewing forth ashes and lava. Only near the equator the temperature has fallen sufficiently for the surface to form, resulting in a large, bleak plateau of rock dotted by craters caused by several types of stellar objects hitting the planet.

Planet map: