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Randon II
Planet: Randon II
System: Randon
Sector: Mytaranor
Galactic coordinates: (235, 62)
System coordinates: (12, 8)

Planet type: cold/no atmosphere
Planet size: 8 x 8

Controlled By: New Republic
Governor: New Republic
Magistrate: Grath Gelenek
Total population: 90,920,079 inhabitants
Hireable Population: 1,000 People
Civilisation level: 18.9200%
Tax level: 5.0000%
Planet income: 21,655,090 credits
Tax income: 1,082,755 credits
The smallest planet within the Omwat system, Huthilion is an inhabitable piece of rock that looks more like a gigantic asteroid then a planet.  Covered with scattered craters, the planet itself is already unappealing to most species.  The lack of atmosphere and cold temperatures causes even more to brush it aside.  During the period of colonization within the Omwat system, Huthilion was written off as useless and as such was never touched.

Surprising, the surface of Huthilion has remained the same for centuries.  While most other planets with no atmosphere would be constantly changing due to the impact of meteorites and such, no such event has happened since it the planet's original discovery.  Besides the occasional prospector hoping to find some minerals for another mining conglomerate, Huthilion is rarely touched by sentient species as well.  The planet has been undisturbed for so long that the original landing spot from an Old Republic survey ship can still be seen, assuming the traveler knew where to look.

Because the planet is mostly rock and crater, the possibility of mining is always the main reason anyone mentions the planet.  Because of the lack of atmosphere, most corporations do not wish to commit resources to the endeavor just yet, although recent discoveries of several deposits of minerals may convince them otherwise.  The more annoying discovery of at least one nest of mynocks has caused several of the corporations to reconsider though as they worry the annoying creatures will chew through vital power lines causing problems such as loss of atmospheric devices that keep their employees alive in such climates.

Planet map: