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Kor Vosadii
Planet: Kor Vosadii
System: Bootana Hutta
Sector: Hutt Space
Galactic coordinates: (353, 34)
System coordinates: (8, 10)

Planet type: hot/no atmosphere
Planet size: 7 x 7

Controlled By: Eidola Pirates
Governor: Eidola Pirates
Magistrate: Deric Adams
Total population: 8,524,409 inhabitants
Hireable Population: 1,000 People
Civilisation level: 6.8300%
Tax level: 5.0000%
Planet income: 1,835,958 credits
Tax income: 91,798 credits
Orbiting closest to the Anoth sun, the small planet of Yalara is devoid of indigenous life. The lack of atmosphere coupled with the direct radiation and heat from the nearby sun have caused the planet's surface to be seared and bleak. Periodically, unstable geological plates just under the crust separate and allow magma to erupt and form volcanoes on its lifeless surface; these eruptions are usually accompanied by earthquakes of varying degrees.

In addition to the heat, radiation, and volcanic and seismic activity, the lack of an atmosphere has allowed any stellar object small enough to be pulled into the gravitational field of the planet to become a potential hazard. Evidences of small to medium meteoroids having impacted on the surface can be seen in many areas of the rocky terrain.

Despite the harsh surface conditions and geological instability, it is rumored that a fairly large naval base has been built into the planet and houses underground training facilities. Whether or not this is true or is simply misinformation is yet to be determined; it has been confirmed, however, that pirates have been active on the planet and in the sector for quite some time, and citizens should be cautious when traveling through the area.
Planet map: