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Nickel One Verpine homeworld
Planet: Nickel One
System: Roche
Sector: Tennuutta
Galactic coordinates: (235, 155)
System coordinates: (10, 5)

Planet type: asteroid field
Planet size: 5 x 5

Controlled By: Holowan Mechanicals
Governor: None
Magistrate: None
Total population: 67,868,906 inhabitants
Hireable Population: 1,000 People
Civilisation level: 40.5000%
Tax level: 0.0000%
Planet income: 17,816,695 credits
Tax income: 0 credits

The biggest of the Roche Asteroids, Nickle One is considered the homeworld of the Verpine race. Although, the actual Verpine homeworld is unknown, the Verpine have been habitants of Nickle One for over 25,000 years. Nickle One, unlike the other asteroids, is a series of hives held together with focused repulsor beams, which makes Nickle One the biggest asteroid in the galaxy.

Planet map: