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Planet: Vinza
System: Anoat
Sector: Javin
Galactic coordinates: (-65, -337)
System coordinates: (9, 12)

Planet type: hot/breathable
Planet size: 7 x 7

Controlled By: The Krath Dynasty
Governor: The Krath Dynasty
Magistrate: CEO [O-3] Kai Arkanian
Total population: 5,719,358 inhabitants
Hireable Population: 666 People
Civilisation level: 5.1000%
Tax level: 0.0000%
Planet income: 1,682,717 credits
Tax income: 0 credits
The most dangerous planet within the Exodo system, Exodo II is inhospitable to nearly every species. A large number of volcanoes dock on its surface. These ranges of active volcanoes often spew a large amount of gases into the atmosphere, causing the average temperature of Exodo II to be higher than the other two planets present in the system. Along with the large numbers of volcanoes, no longer active volcanoes dot the planet appearing as large mountain ranges to the untrained eye. Two large crater sites are apparent in the lower hemisphere of the planet. The northern of the two largest crater sites is actually the result of a brief battle above the planet. An acclamator was heavily damaged by enemy forces and crashed onto the planet. The ship-borne reactors went critical and exploded. With hundreds of ammunition cases still present on the ship, the resultant explosion was many times more powerful than usual. The crater is the only evidence of the battle for the Exodo system. Exodo II is plagued by violent storms and wind conditions. Even though the atmosphere is considered breathable there are a few trace amounts of toxic elements. There is no plant life on the planet and no native lifeforms. Exodo has a small amount of potential for industrial companies brave enough to challenge the lava plains and volcanoes. The large amounts of mountains promises to hold useful raw materials to all those interested. While the voclanoes prohibit most form of land travel, they also provide a natural protection against invading armies.
Planet map: