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Planet: Akinom
System: Lorell
Sector: Hapes Cluster
Galactic coordinates: (136, 99)
System coordinates: (16, 16)

Planet type: comet
Planet size: 1 x 1

Controlled By: Hapes Consortium
Governor: Hapes Consortium
Magistrate: Tarix Chume Gane Lant
Total population: 9,831 inhabitants
Hireable Population: 418 People
Civilisation level: 13.4300%
Tax level: 5.0000%
Planet income: 29,687 credits
Tax income: 1,484 credits
This comet was first detected by an astronomer of the Lorell Raiders many years ago. It has a parabolic orbit which crosses the path of the gas giant planet Malnuir. Current predictions estimate it will impact harmlessly onto this planet in approximately seven thousand years.
Planet map:

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