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Last Updated: Year 16 Day 364
Planet: Sanyassa VI
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Kotedew is the cold murky planet that is cast way from the rest of the planets in the system. Its lonely position is far from the Lotide Sun and gets completely rejected by any heat. Its cold frozen plains covers most of the entire planet and have no atmosphere creates a very dead and lifeless planet. Kotedew seems like it has no importance to the system and its past is certainly shrouded with mystery. Very few people know of the secret that lye\'s behind the murky planet of Kotedew.

On the far corner of this eerie planet their sits a long forgotten tomb of a once a powerful Dark Jedi. In fact Kotedew was once a temperate planet with trees and creatures and many people lived their. Then the powerful Jedi came to the planet on an exploration assignment. He day he wondered into the forest, when he returned he was never the same again. He began to wreck havoc and destruction on all the land. Many forests were burnt to the ground and many villages were no more. Jedi were forced to the planet and put up a great resistance against the evil Jedi. Days upon days dragged on as the Jedi relentlessly tried to defeat the dark Jedi. But then the powerful dark Jedi turned to the sky and unleashed all the energy he left. This great energy blew a hole in the atmosphere and all living things erupted in fire. The great energy blast also blew the planet off its axis and drifted far away from the sun. With this secret revealed, people now know the true power of Kotedew.

  • Details
  • Type: Cold/no Atmosphere
  • Size: 6x6
  • Population
  • Total: 1,615,218 inhabitants
  • Hireable: 1,000 workers
  • Civilization: 4.2900%
  • Income
  • Tax Level: 5.0000%
  • Planet Income: 417,033 credits
  • Tax Income: 20,852 credits