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Forscan I
Planet: Forscan I
System: Forscan
Sector: Auril
Galactic coordinates: (339, 228)
System coordinates: (6, 9)

Planet type: cold/toxic atmosphere
Planet size: 12 x 12

Controlled By: Tresario Star Kingdom
Governor: Tresario Star Kingdom
Magistrate: His Majesty, King Jude Vatz
Total population: 9,873,664,084 inhabitants
Hireable Population: 1,000 People
Civilisation level: 54.9700%
Tax level: 15.0000%
Planet income: 915,436,383 credits
Tax income: 137,315,457 credits
Kornama is one of the biggest planets of the Elom system, second only to the gas giant. It is far from the sun, which makes it extremely cold. As a result, almost half of the surface is covered with a thick layer of ice, and the rest is rocky. The planet's atmosphere is composed mainly of hydrogen and helium, with small amounts of other gases. The presence of ammonia in a relatively high percentage makes the atmosphere toxic. With all these harsh conditions, it is no surprise that there is no life on this planet.

Strong gravity levels could be expected for a planet of this size, but it has been found that gravity is at levels observed in medium sized planets. To explain this fact it has been hypothesized that Kornama has a hollow core. It is not considered a limitation for mining operations, however, as the thickness of the solid shell is believed to be at least half the width of the planet's radius. Preliminary sampling has shown that there may be some valuable resources to be found, but mining attempts must also consider the added costs and dangers of operating in a toxic atmosphere.

Planet map: