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Forscan IV
Planet: Forscan IV
System: Forscan
Sector: Auril
Galactic coordinates: (339, 228)
System coordinates: (12, 11)

Planet type: hot/toxic atmosphere
Planet size: 5 x 5

Controlled By: Tresario Star Kingdom
Governor: Tresario Star Kingdom
Magistrate: His Majesty, King Jude Vatz
Total population: 219,570,862 inhabitants
Hireable Population: 1,000 People
Civilisation level: 47.4100%
Tax level: 5.0000%
Planet income: 70,879,640 credits
Tax income: 3,543,982 credits
Tutalm is the closest planet to the Kar-Bannog sun in the Elom system. It is also the smallest planet of the system, besides the moons. It is so close to the sun that daylight temperatures are extremely hot, and its temperature is so high that some areas, which were first considered volcanic, are actually just molten rock. The abnormally high temperatures allow chemical reactions to take place that would not proceed under normal planetary conditions. Though many have anticipated large raw material deposits on Tutalm, there are a few issues with operating on its surface. The most pertinent concern is thermal protection, but prospectors must also plan for the planet's corrosive atmosphere. The percentage of sulfur oxides is as high as 0.001%, and, while not high enough to be detected spectroscopically from other planets, they are extremely reactive in such elevated temperatures -- especially with metals. This particular atmosphere has caused the loss of the first probes sent to the planet. It is currently unknown how it is possible that a constant amount of such highly reactive molecules could exist in the atmosphere. Additionally, even getting to the planet is a dangerous endeavor. Due to its proximity to the Kar-Bannog, there is a risk of being trapped in the sun's gravitational field. The planet moves around the sun at a very fast pace, making a complete orbit around it (a planetary year) in a few galactic days. However, since the development of sublight drives the difficulties of reaching the planet had been greatly reduced.
Planet map: