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Last Updated: Year 16 Day 35
Planet: Shihor
System: Ottega
Sector: Ottega
Galactic coordinates: (29, 233)
System coordinates: (9, 15)

Planet type: gas giant
Planet size: 16 x 16

Controlled By: Centrepoint Mining
Governor: Centrepoint Mining
Magistrate: Carpet Overlord Kerri Manchester
Total population: 1,335,281,338 inhabitants
Hireable Population: 1,000 People
Civilisation level: 7.9600%
Tax level: 5.0000%
Planet income: 52,018,191 credits
Tax income: 2,600,910 credits

Araraduin is the only gas giant in the Ottega system. Many people believe that this planet should have been a second star for the system but for some reason it was not able to capture enough material, when it formed, to start converting hydrogen to helium as stars normally do.

This planet has a very small liquid core at the center. The gasses in this gas giant are very dense, they swirl together to form a yellow-orange haze, at the center of the planet. Many people stop here on their way to see the jungles of Ithor. Though people do not spend nearly as much time here, there are still many sights to take in.

There have never been any attempts to settle this gas giant or any attempts to mine the very lucrative gasses in the atmosphere of this gas giant. This planet remained unknown to the Republic until the second attempt to map the galaxy. Apparently, the scanner chief fell asleep when they scanned this area of the system the first time. Although the people of Ithor knew there was another planet out there, they did not tell the people from the Republic that there was. The Ithorians at one time thought they might be able to use it to hide incase the Republic did not turn out to be as nice as it had seemed on their first encounter.

Planet map: