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Ku`Bakai IV
Planet: Ku`Bakai IV
System: Ku`Bakai
Sector: Calaron
Galactic coordinates: (412, 111)
System coordinates: (10, 18)

Planet type: hot/no atmosphere
Planet size: 6 x 6

Controlled By: Tresario Star Kingdom
Governor: Tresario Star Kingdom
Magistrate: His Majesty, King Jude Vatz
Total population: 1,332,396,181 inhabitants
Hireable Population: 1,000 People
Civilisation level: 63.1400%
Tax level: 15.0000%
Planet income: 51,095,072 credits
Tax income: 7,664,261 credits
Ku`Bakai IV is a blasted world. From space it looks like a black sphere with pot marks of gray that occasionally break it up. Like the first three planets of the system, Ku`Bakai four has suffered from a stellar mass ejection emanating from Ku`Bakai. The ejection that struck Ku`Bakai IV was particularly powerful turning the surface of the world into molten slag which burned away anything that was not rock. As it cooled over the planet’s crust became black with a glossy appearance. Since that time the planet has suffered several impacts from asteroids and meteors which have broken up the blackness with splotches of gray from the material beneath the glass like crust. Ku`Bakai IV is a dead world geologically and biologically speaking. There is little of interest here for any intrepid adventurer. If you could overcome the lack of an atmosphere it is possible the planet could be surveyed and mined.
Planet map: