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Zolan III
Planet: Zolan III
System: Zolan
Sector: Lambda
Galactic coordinates: (206, -226)
System coordinates: (14, 2)

Planet type: gas giant
Planet size: 19 x 19

Controlled By: Falleen Federation
Governor: Falleen Federation
Magistrate: Chancellor Jonpas Auditore
Total population: 2,403,961 inhabitants
Hireable Population: 1,000 People
Civilisation level: 0.1800%
Tax level: 5.0000%
Planet income: 5,144 credits
Tax income: 257 credits
Unlike Malvin, Galgrin is rich of raw materials. The gas surface and the rings contain numerous ore deposits. Mining Galrin however is almost lethal as both Galgrin and Malvin pass each other ones every 400 days at the same point, causing huge storms on both planets. Any orbital mining installations are likely to be destroyed in these storms. Galgrin is less exciting to watch as Malvin as it is coloured red with only a few varieties.
Planet map:

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