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Last Updated: Year 16 Day 35
System: Yushan
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Sector: Yushan

Coordinates: (-49, -285)

Suns: 1

Planets: 4

Stations: 3

Population: 103,027,376

Government: The Kingdom of Elysia

A binary system within the Moddell Sector. Adega has a total of eight planets. Three of these have an atmosphere suited for most lifeforms in the universe. The other five are all gas giants, making the system ideal for a large scale mining operation. The ninth interesting stellar object in this system is Lotharius, the moon of the planet Vjun. This planet Mimicks the two suns of Adega as it not only orbits both these suns, but Vjun and its sister planet Ilum also orbit each other.

The unique pattern in these orbits causes several gravitational shifts that sometimes cause problems for ships travelling in between these planets. It is therefore recommended that each of these planets is approached from the far side of the other planet. This way piloting errors due to this natural phenomenon can usually be avoided.

Position: (4, 14)

Type: Temperate/breathable

Size: 9x9

Population: 98,400,138

Controlled By: The Kingdom of Elysia

Position: (3, 11)

Type: Temperate/breathable

Size: 10x10

Population: 256,111

Controlled By: The Kingdom of Elysia

Position: (7, 4)

Type: Cold/breathable

Size: 12x12

Population: 2,810,251

Controlled By: The Kingdom of Elysia

Position: (14, 7)

Type: Cold/breathable

Size: 14x14

Population: 1,560,876

Controlled By: The Kingdom of Elysia

Position: (8, 11)

Type: Sun

Size: 30x30

Position: (3, 9)

Type: Golan II

Position: (4, 5)

Type: Shipyard III

Position: (4, 6)

Type: Shipyard III