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System: Trindello
Sector: Moddell
Coordinates: (-190, -255)
Suns: 1
Moons: 1
Planets: 4
Stations: 1
Population: 54,392,075
Controlled By: Avance Coalition
The Fangol system sits on the outer edge of the Moddell sector. It contains four meteor blasted planets that are situated far from the life bringing warmth of the system's dying sun, Fang. Only two of the icy planets, Horong and Feathor, are currently considered habitable, but in ages past, this system was warm and full of life. It served as home to an ancient race of scientists who became extinct long ago. Still, beings can be found living and working even on the cold, toxic planet of Fangol, where the system's capitol, Fangol City, lies. The other interesting bodies in the system are Harong, a cold airless planet, and Fangol's small moon.
Name Position Type Size Population Homeworld Controlled By
Trindello Sun (10, 12) sun 30,30    
Trindello (14, 15) cold/toxic atmosphere 14,14 2,462,268 Avance Coalition
Trindello III (3, 12) cold/breathable 8,8 47,793,207 Avance Coalition
Trindello IV (2, 8) cold/no atmosphere 9,9 348,361 Avance Coalition
Trindello II (16, 11) cold/breathable 9,9 3,737,901 Avance Coalition
Trindello Moon (13, 16) moon 2,2 50,338 Avance Coalition

Station Type Position
Sorel Kaar Shipyard III Shipyard III (16, 11)

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