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System: Bpfassh
Sector: Sluis
Coordinates: (52, -384)
Suns: 1
Planets: 6
Stations: 25
Population: 560,792,569
Controlled By: New Republic
The Bpfassh system is composed of six planets and a single star of the same name.  Located near the Praesiltyn and Omwat system, there is a good possibility for trade the inhabitants of the system.  The system is fairly far away from the major core worlds but still receives the occasional military support as pirates have a tendency to attempt to set up base due to other conditions that work in their favor.

The system is home to the Bpfasshi species.  This species had once had several Jedi among its people, but when several of them went rogue and caused severe damage to many of the planets the Bpfasshi became distrustful of the Jedi and are reluctant to allow any within their borders.  The last Bpfasshi Dark Jedi was chased out of the system and believed to make it all the way to the system of Dagobah, although what happened to him afterward no one is sure.

It was during this rampage of the Bpfasshi Dark Jedi that many of the planets seemed to gain a large amount of volcanic activity.  Every non-gaseous planet has at least one range of volcanoes on its surface.  The one on the main planet of Bpfassh is so large it bisects the planet into two regions.

Despite their disdain for the Jedi ways, Bpfasshi do encourage non-Force users to visit their planet in the hope of gaining more recognition within the galactic community.  Bpfassh is home to the largest concentration of inhabitants and has several spaceports for trade and transport.

Name Position Type Size Population Homeworld Controlled By
Bpfassh (10, 10) hot/breathable 13,13 66,293,381 New Republic
Bpfassh IV (15, 17) gas giant 18,18 2,656,178 New Republic
Bpfassh II (2, 8) temperate/breathable 10,10 65,780,067 New Republic
Bpfassh VI (16, 2) cold/toxic atmosphere 9,9 94,542,711 New Republic
Bpfassh V (0, 0) gas giant 16,16 315,289,722 New Republic
Bpfassh III (0, 6) cold/no atmosphere 13,13 16,230,510 New Republic
Bpfassh Sun (6, 11) sun 30,30    

Station Type Position
ARK Bpfassh 101 Shipyard I (2, 4)
ARK Bpfassh 102 Shipyard I (3, 4)
ARK Bpfassh 103 Shipyard I (4, 4)
ARK Bpfassh 104 Shipyard I (5, 4)
ARK Bpfassh 105 Shipyard I (6, 4)
ARK Bpfassh 106 Shipyard I (2, 5)
ARK Bpfassh 107 Shipyard I (3, 5)
ARK Bpfassh 108 Shipyard I (4, 5)
ARK Bpfassh 109 Shipyard I (5, 5)
ARK Bpfassh 110 Shipyard I (6, 5)
ARK Bpfassh 111 - Storage Shipyard I (2, 6)
ARK Bpfassh 112 Shipyard I (3, 6)
ARK Bpfassh 113 Shipyard I (4, 6)
ARK Bpfassh 114 Shipyard I (5, 6)
ARK Bpfassh 115 Shipyard I (6, 6)
Bpfaash RM-001 Shipyard I (13, 12)
Bpfassh (2,9) Trading I (2, 9)
Bpfassh Golan E Golan II (19, 10)
Bpfassh Golan N Golan II (10, 0)
Bpfassh Golan S Golan II (10, 19)
Bpfassh Shipyard 4 Shipyard IV (0, 6)
Brothers in Arms Station Golan II (0, 10)
CtR Bpfasshi Asteroid Field Racing Complex Trading II (9, 9)
Sluis Enterprises SY1 Bfpassh Shipyard I (13, 10)
SoroSuub Academy Luxury Space Colony (3, 8)