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System: Malari
Sector: Churnis
Coordinates: (-108, 215)
Suns: 1
Planets: 4
Stations: 19
Population: 3,801,211,835
Controlled By: Galactic Empire

Malari, a hidden system of planets untouched since the native population died out following a viral outbreak that eventually decimated the population of at least three other systems.

Millennia have passed however, since that outbreak, and no sign remains of their largely agrarian lives. What does remain however are the discarded remnants of a pirate league that once threatened the galaxy's stability. Chosen by Malebranche as their hidden strikebase in the deep core, Kiin was abandoned after the suicidal Malebranche decision, and the coordinates were released to the public.

People come today to gawk at the ruins of what once was, and to pick up their newly-purchased ships that still hold the soul of Malebranche in their corridors.

Two dead cultures, one of farmers, the other of pirates, but both haunt this system.

Name Position Type Size Population Homeworld Controlled By
Malari IV (6, 14) cold/toxic atmosphere 8,8 68,557,682 Galactic Empire
Malari II (4, 8) cold/toxic atmosphere 10,10 107,767,258 Galactic Empire
Malari (0, 12) temperate/breathable 12,12 3,292,935,093 Galactic Empire
Malari I (7, 5) temperate/breathable 5,5 331,951,802 Galactic Empire
Malari Sun (5, 5) sun 30,30    

Station Type Position
KDY Malari AT I Ataturk-class Station (1, 11)
KDY Malari AT II Ataturk-class Station (1, 13)
KDY Malari AT III Ataturk-class Station (5, 14)
KDY Malari AT IV Ataturk-class Station (6, 15)
KDY Malari AT V Ataturk-class Station (7, 14)
KDY Malari AT VI Ataturk-class Station (6, 5)
KDY Malari AT VII Ataturk-class Station (7, 4)
KDY Malari AT VIII Ataturk-class Station (8, 5)
KDY Malari AT VIX Ataturk-class Station (7, 6)
KDY Malari AT X Ataturk-class Station (5, 8)
KDY Malari AT XI Ataturk-class Station (4, 7)
KDY Malari AT XII Ataturk-class Station (3, 8)
KDY Malari AT XIII Ataturk-class Station (4, 9)
KDY Malari AT XIV Ataturk-class Station (6, 13)
Malari Central Sentinel Golan II (6, 7)
Malari Northern Sentinel Golan II (9, 3)
Malari South-Western Sentinel Golan II (0, 14)
Malari Trade Station Trading I (3, 11)
Malari Western Sentinel Golan II (0, 10)