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System: Oshora
Sector: Tolonda
Coordinates: (265, -310)
Suns: 1
Planets: 4
Stations: 10
Population: 4,319,625,178
Controlled By: Guardians of the Fey
A system originally explored and populated by civilization efforts of the Starsign Shipyards, Rachuk has for a long time been home to no local government and the majority of its citizens were employees of the companies which have erected industrials and mining stations across its planets. The full history of the system has not yet been unearthed, and undoubtedly, mysteries of the past are concealed beneath the sand dunes and glaciers which blanket the surfaces of the various planets. However, there is evidence that the Rachuk system was once the site of a virus referred to as Rachuk Roseola, a skin inflammation manifesting itself as a red, itchy rash. Despite medical inspections indicating that the virus now lies dormant, visitors to the cities spread throughout the system are advised to receive a vaccination to protect them from the possibility of another outbreak.
Name Position Type Size Population Homeworld Controlled By
Oshora (12, 6) temperate/breathable 9,9 943,913,018 The Infinite Empire
Oshora II (16, 2) temperate/breathable 14,14 527,686,339 The Infinite Empire
Oshora III (18, 0) cold/breathable 14,14 137,681,552 The Infinite Empire
Oshora IV (8, 18) temperate/breathable 9,9 2,710,344,269 Guardians of the Fey
Oshora Sun (1, 9) sun 30,30    

Station Type Position
Faerytail Recycling Trading I (16, 2)
FMS Production Fusia Shipyard I (9, 18)
FMS Production Jade Shipyard I (9, 17)
FMS Production Lavender Shipyard I (7, 17)
FMS Production Ruby Shipyard I (7, 19)
FMS Production Verde Shipyard I (8, 19)
FT Production Aqua Shipyard I (9, 19)
FT Singularity Ascendancy Hospital Platform XQ-2 (8, 18)
[IE] Medical Factory One Medical Factory Station (8, 17)
[IE} Medical Factory Two Medical Factory Station (7, 18)