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System: Javin
Sector: Javin
Coordinates: (-65, -320)
Suns: 1
Planets: 1
Stations: 12
Population: 13,791,230
Controlled By: Rogue Squadron

Javin was originally settled as an agricultural colony, as the planet has an extremely agreeable climate and an abundance of arable land. Since the area is at the limits of known Imperial space, the Empire allowed the citizens some measure of autonomy in exchange for access to the natural resources that the planet had produced. A small Imperial outpost was maintained on the southern continent of the planet, but it was abandoned and destroyed subsequently. This small outpost was the limit of Imperial presence on this planet. The citizens are an independent civilization, ruled by agricultural and mining guilds and almost universally indifferent about galactic politics. Javin's surface is covered by lush forest, towering mountain ranges, and fertile plains. The forests and mountains are virtually untamed, though the plains regions of the northern continent are almost exclusively cultivated land.

Name Position Type Size Population Homeworld Controlled By
Javin (6, 10) temperate/breathable 8,8 13,791,230 Rogue Squadron
Javin Sun (9, 6) sun 30,30    

Station Type Position
[TOR] Базардюзю Shipyard III (8, 9)
[TOR] Кукуртли-Колбаши Shipyard II (7, 9)
[TOR] Саллыннгантау Shipyard II (7, 10)
[TOR] Таможня Golan II (19, 10)
[TOR] Таможня Golan II (6, 10)
[TOR] Таможня Golan II (10, 19)
[TOR] Таможня Golan II (0, 10)
[TOR] Таможня Ataturk-class Station (9, 10)
[TOR] Таможня Ataturk-class Station (9, 9)
[TOR] Таможня Ataturk-class Station (6, 9)
[TOR] Таможня Golan II (10, 0)
[TOR] Чанчахи Shipyard III (8, 10)