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Last Updated: Year 16 Day 364
System: Bootana Hutta
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Sector: Hutt Space

Coordinates: (353, 34)

Suns: 1

Planets: 6

Stations: 10

Population: 197,478,811

Government: Eidola Pirates

The Anoth system is in the c-9 outer rim sector and is along way from any major populated systems. This system is made up of one sun and six planets. Of the six planets only 2 are actually habitable unaided by life support systems. But many of the other planets are inhabited by small colonies or mining stations. The systems prime export is unrefined ore and it does a lot of trading with the system Aline. The government in this system is a monarchy that\'s rules by king Balt.  The government is better known as the Balt family due to the fact king Balt’s family plays a major part also. To check the kings power in the system there is the ruling council. The ruling counsel is an eleven-man counsel that is made up of wealthy politicians and merchants. It takes care of day to day kingdom business. The Balt family has a large navy for the size of space they rule. The navy is needed to protect the merchants and the civilians from constant pirate raids. The pirates it seems have always been here and no matter how much pressure king Balt puts on them they never seem to go away. It is widely thought that their base is in the Aline system. This is the case because a base has never been found in this system and the king has searched the system for one. Thought the king is making plans to exterminate this threat the plan has been years forthcoming.
Image Name Position Type Size Population Controlled By Homeworld
Imzig 4, 12 Temperate/breathable 12x12 47,311,215 Eidola Pirates Imzig
Kor Hestilic 6, 4 Cold/breathable 6x6 117,374,141 Eidola Pirates -
Kor Vosadii 8, 10 Hot/no Atmosphere 7x7 8,524,409 Eidola Pirates -
Bootana Hutta Sun 10, 8 Sun 30x30 0 - -
Kor Besadii 13, 14 Cold/breathable 10x10 22,316,424 Eidola Pirates -
Kor Utoradii 16, 6 Cold/breathable 5x5 1,587,924 Eidola Pirates -
Kor Desilijic 18, 11 Hot/no Atmosphere 6x6 364,698 Eidola Pirates -
Image Name Position Type Owner
Bruce 12, 14 Luxury Space Colony Eidola Pirates
Cour Madaes - Djo Personal Storage - Do Not Touch 4, 12 Trading II Eidola Pirates
Holding Pen 8, 10 Shipyard III The Pirate King, Warlord Squall Chitose
Masnach Orsaf 5, 11 Trading II The Pirate King, Warlord Squall Chitose
Pirate Booty 1 7, 10 Trading I Eidola Pirates
SY1 #2 8, 9 Shipyard I The Pirate King, Warlord Squall Chitose
SY1 #3 7, 9 Shipyard I The Pirate King, Warlord Squall Chitose
SY1 #4 9, 9 Shipyard I The Pirate King, Warlord Squall Chitose
SY2 7, 11 Shipyard II The Pirate King, Warlord Squall Chitose
Thieves "R" Us 9, 10 Golan II Eidola Pirates