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Last Updated: Year 16 Day 364
System: Dairka
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Sector: Churba

Coordinates: (205, -170)

Suns: 1

Planets: 5

Stations: 7

Population: 20,335,363

Government: Centrepoint Space Station

The system Dairka is located in the Churba sector. It is made up of five planets and one sun. For the most part its planets are medium sized planets except for the two gas giants in the system, which are quite large. Also the majority of the planets found in the system are cold and unforgiving planets. Only two planets with in the system have breathable air and even due to that fact there are than 20 million inhabitants in this system te last time it was counted.

The mining here in this system is a major business. There are many minerals to mine on many different worlds. On Dairka alone there are over twenty mines.

The other thing the Dairka system is known for are the scientist population. Scientists go to school on the planet Dairka II and spend nearly twenty years in school before they earn he rank of scientist and are allowed to do there own research. These researchers and scientists are in high demand through out the galaxy and are payed very well.

Some planets in the Dairka system are nature preserves, which means there are animals here that are not to be captured or killed. There are around twelve species of animals in this system that are ether native to this system or are endangered thought out the galaxy. There are large programs that are trying to save these species.

Image Name Position Type Size Population Controlled By Homeworld
Dairka IV 4, 0 Gas Giant 16x16 7,253,987 Centrepoint Space Station -
Dairka 4, 4 Cold/toxic Atmosphere 12x12 2,764,456 Centrepoint Space Station -
Dairka II 6, 0 Gas Giant 18x18 6,805,452 Centrepoint Space Station -
Dairka Sun 15, 1 Sun 30x30 0 - -
Dairka I 16, 4 Cold/toxic Atmosphere 11x11 819,453 Centrepoint Space Station -
Dairka V 18, 18 Hot/breathable 6x6 2,692,015 Centrepoint Mining -
Image Name Position Type Owner
CS Trading II 4, 15 Trading II Supervisor Guybrush Threepwood
Old Nomads Stadium 8, 7 Luxury Space Colony Chief of Operations Jett Blackheart
Vesh Oleander 4, 16 Shipyard III Vesh Oleander
[Corellian Society] Free health care Center 3, 14 Hospital Platform XQ-2 Vesh Oleander
[Corellian Society] Outpost ShipYard #1 3, 15 Shipyard I Vesh Oleander
[Corellian Society] Outpost ShipYard #2 5, 15 Shipyard I Vesh Oleander
[Corellian Society] Outpost Storage Depot 4, 14 Luxury Space Colony Vesh Oleander