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Last Updated: Year 16 Day 35
System: Mordis
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Sector: Lambda

Coordinates: (213, -225)

Suns: 1

Asteroid Fields: 1

Planets: 5

Stations: 1

Population: 29,344,682

Government: Falleen Federation

The Scillal system is made up of one sun and the two planets that revolve around it. The sun, which is named Sci, is a medium sized sun but has a low density. With low density its gravitational pull is less than most other suns its size. This probely explains why there are only 2 planets that orbit this sun. There are no major cities located in this system and no government.  Though there is the Scillal ship works that is based in this system.

The Scillal ship works has its home base on planet Scillal and is the largest ship builder in this sector. The company acts as government here in a was due to the fact they need to police there own system from pirates and the like. For this purpose the company keeps a small naval force of fighters based on Scillal. There are never many pirates in this system at one time so more has never been needed.

Another point of interest here in the Scillal system is the small space station located close to the sun. This station has long been dead and it is in such decay that not evan salvage crews have bothered to tow it home. Where it came from or whom it was built by is much of a mystery. Though within the next one hundred years it is most like be pulled into the sun and destroyed. Every year its is pulled closer to the sun by its weak gravitational pull and the station no longer has the power to right its orbit.

Position: (12, 12)

Type: Asteroid Field

Size: 1x1

Population: 56,986

Controlled By: Falleen Federation

Position: (16, 12)

Type: Hot/no Atmosphere

Size: 4x4

Population: 1,719,780

Controlled By: Falleen Federation

Position: (16, 7)

Type: Cold/breathable

Size: 14x14

Population: 1,554,153

Controlled By: Falleen Federation

Position: (7, 14)

Type: Temperate/breathable

Size: 14x14

Population: 17,992,605

Controlled By: Falleen Federation

Position: (13, 11)

Type: Sun

Size: 30x30

Position: (6, 7)

Type: Gas Giant

Size: 19x19

Population: 1,985,001

Controlled By: Falleen Federation

Position: (4, 1)

Type: Gas Giant

Size: 16x16

Population: 6,036,157

Controlled By: Falleen Federation

Position: (10, 9)

Type: Trading II