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System: Recopi
Sector: Humbarine
Coordinates: (55, 20)
Suns: 1
Planets: 5
Population: 6,414,269
Controlled By: Galactic Empire

Set aside by the Old Republic for mining raw materials, the corporate sector in which the Recopi system lies was created after the corporate control in the expansion region failed. The system, along with hundreds more star systems were completely void of intelligent life, and so corporate business beings could purchase entire star systems, but under the watchful eye of the republic.

However, when the Emperor rose to power, the Emperor was convinced by his officials to extend the corporate sector to nearly 30,000 star systems. During which, 11 new, intelligent species were discovered, but kept secret from the power-hungry corporations.

The corporations agreed to pay the Emperor a percentage of their profits if he would let them govern the sector by themselves, to which Palpatine agreed.

Although only a small system, the Recopi system is home to many different species, including Humans and Hutts. The rivalry between the humans and Hutts in this system has seen many a battle for control of the planets. Eventually, after over 200 years of fighting, the humans and hutts have come to an agreement over who owns which part of the Galaxy. Both species co-exist on the capital of the system where they have signed an agreement that neither will attack one another. The CSA owns the sun on the system, and have many outposts dotted around the sector so as neither specie can become too greedy and attack the other without the CSA and CSA security police force knowing about it.

With only three planets and a sun in this area of the corporate sector, the Recopi system is one of the smallest within the reaches of the CSA, but yet plays an important part in the survival and prosperity of the planet, as it is home to many mines of various substances.

The system has been inhabited for nearly 500 years, the first inhabitants of which were the corporate sector mining corporation. (CSMC), who established several mines on Recopi, realising it’s natural abundance of minerals and gems, and nearly a dozen Tibanna gas mines. Followed shortly by the arrival of the Corporate Miner’s Alliance (CMA) and the Sector mineral Corporation (SMC). Soon, within 200 years of the first settlers in the system, several new and smaller firms had arrived and over 450 mines were established, with the companies having vast rivalries over who could build the biggest and most successful mine.

The Hutts and Humans, still fairly rivalry, stay in their allotted space, mining and sucking the minerals out of their planets. It is estimated that in 300 years from now, each race will drain their planets dry and turn on the other race in search of more land, and more money. The armies on both sides are massing, and different races of the system calculate the amount of time before the first planet is drained, and the start of another war in the Recopi system.

Name Position Type Size Population Homeworld Controlled By
Inner Los (15, 1) cold/toxic atmosphere 8,8 1,243,530 Galactic Empire
Outer Los (3, 15) cold/toxic atmosphere 6,6 1,243,530 Galactic Empire
Recopia (13, 13) cold/breathable 10,10 1,410,136 Galactic Empire
Penovia (15, 5) gas giant 18,18 1,273,543 Galactic Empire
Lacia (9, 7) gas giant 17,17 1,243,530 Galactic Empire
Recopi (17, 1) sun 30,30    

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