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System: Cirius
Sector: Alderaan
Coordinates: (37, 86)
Suns: 1
Planets: 4
Population: 18,867,123
Controlled By: Tenloss Syndicate
The Celanon system is a neutral system in the Hallu sector, featuring six planets orbiting around the star Nalros. Nalros is named after a god in Valathorian mythology, the god of light. Valathorian mythology offers a unique view of the creation of the galaxy, and often historians are fascinated by its intricacy.

The Celanon system contains 6 planets. The largest planet, Aranakt, is a gas giant that every thousand years passes within an incredibly close distance to its sister planet, Ithililoth. Mythologically, these two planets are the sites of exile for two brothers in bitter confrontation with each other. Every thousand years, incredible firestorms engulf Aranakt, and are able to be seen from all other planets in this system.

Galabavorn is an extremely cold planet with no atmosphere. Its oceans of liquid nitrogen are extremely cold, and take up a large portion of the planet surface. On the dark side of Galabavorn, no liquid exists, it is all frozen into one large glacier.

Pelerion is the site of a current research and mining operation by Celanon and Valathor. The planet is extremely hot, but very rich in minerals and other resources. While extremely dangerous, the planet is inhabited by a rotating crew of scientists and engineers, pioneers of research and development for Celanon and Valathor.

Valathor is a planet whose population has a long and storied history. Valathorians used to be extremely mythological, explaining everything in their world with the actions and stories of various gods and goddesses. At one time, the government on Valathor was tribal, and each tribe had its own interpretations of the myths and stories, creating many struggles and endless bloodshed. After thousands of years of struggle, one hero was able to completely change the course of their evolution, turning them into the peaceful culture they are today.

Celanon was originally uninhabited by humans, but contained every form of animal life imaginable. Being an amazingly beautiful planet, it attracted the attention of refugees from another star system, where their sun had gone nova. While barely in the in the age of spaceflight, they used their primitive technology to save themselves from certain extinction, and eventually became a strong willed space-faring race.

Name Position Type Size Population Homeworld Controlled By
Lis (8, 12) hot/no atmosphere 11,11 2,149,073 Tenloss Syndicate
Caamas (4, 6) temperate/breathable 12,12 12,419,904 Caamasi
Tenloss Syndicate
Caamor (0, 2) cold/no atmosphere 12,12 2,149,073 Tenloss Syndicate
Sirilla (14, 18) gas giant 17,17 2,149,073 Tenloss Syndicate
Cirius (6, 10) sun 30,30