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Locks and Keys
Locks are used to create an exclusive barrier between two rooms, preventing unwanted visitors from entering certain areas.

Creating a lock requires a toolkit equipped to your character.

You must satisfy one of the following requirements:

  • Be owner of the entity a lock is being installed to
  • Be commander of the entity a lock is being installed to
  • Your faction is owner, and you have makeover privileges
  • Your faction is owner, and you have change door codes privileges

Removing a lock requires a toolkit, and is done in much the same way as upgrading a lock. However, removing a lock requires that the commander enter the current password of the door for security reasons.

Upon failure to successfully install, or break, a lock on a door, there is a 50% chance of receiving at 2-10 HP loss. This will be due to carelessness, ineptitude or random mistakes that occur to everyone at some stage.

Installation Time (hours): Lock Level * 4

Passcodes cannot exceed 10 characters or be empty.
Upgrading or Downgrading a door will force the door to open. Doors cannot be locked while they are being upgraded.

When attempting to upgrade/downgrade a lock, there is always a chance of failure. Failure is calculated using the formula shown below, and in the case of failure no XP is awarded. Equations
Chance to Install: (100 - (Door Type * 35 )) + (Crafting * 15);

Lock Level: 1 2 3
Door Type: Standard Door Reinforced Door Blast Door
Locking and unlocking the door are both very similar, and to lock or unlock a door, you must be either the commander or owner of a ship. If your faction is assigned as commander you may upgrade a lock freely; however, you must either have make over privileges or enter the old password to unlock, downgrade, or change the password on the door. A commander is always required to enter the password in order to unlock the door for security reasons. Once a door is locked, it requires either the password, or a keycard with the password appended, to move through the door.
Passwords can be changed from the lock screen. Commanders are required to enter the previous password as well as a new password in order to change the password. Owners are only required to enter a new password.
Keys require a crafting kit to create. Once created they can store up to 20 passcodes.

When attempting to move through a door, the door will first check if you have the required code on a keycard. If you do not, then it will request the password. Note
Passcodes can not exceed 10 characters or be empty.

Breaking a lock requires an electronic lock breaker. When attempting to move through the door you will be given an option to break the lock. Breaking the lock takes longer with each lock type, and the chance of success decreases. If you fail to break a lock, there is a small chance the lock breaker will break. Equations
Chance to Succeed: ((Slicing + 1) / 7) * (0.02 * Slicing + 1) * ((Slicing + 0.1) / 5) * (2 / (Door Type^2)) * 100 + 1

Chance to Break Lockbreaker: ((6 - Slicing) * Door Type)

After a door has been successfully hacked, it is set to open and can be moved through. However, there is a 50% chance that the owner of the entity will receive a warning that one of their doors has been hacked.