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Gamorreans are rude and extremely violent beings, with peculiar snouts and jaws, and small horns protruding from their mouths. The average weight of a full-grown adult is about 100kg. Their tremendous physical strength and limited intelligence make them ideal targets to carry out the hardest of physical tasks, and so they make perfect guards or mercenaries.

Gamorr, the homeworld of these hideous beings, has a hugely varied ecosystem. The planet's poles are uninhabitable, but the equator is covered with lush woods, jungles, rivers and mountains. This environment seems at odds with Gamorr's violent history - its clans are constantly at war with each other, battling for supremacy of the planet.

Gamorrean society is divided up in a curious way - females are in charge of agriculture, hunting, weaving, creating tools and managing businesses, whilst males devote all of their time to training and fighting. Clans are led by matrons that control them and make the most important war-related decisions, such as establishing new alliances and sending males to the place of battle.

The war period lasts from early spring to late autumn, and it is during this time only that Gamorreans attempt to plunder rival clans. They are experts in the use of primitive weapons, such as traditional axes or heavy clubs, and it is considered dishonourable to use technological weapons such as blasters. The males who prove to be the most brave and skilled in combat finally earn the necessary prestige to choose a mate.

To display social status, Gamorreans use Morrts - blood-sucking parasites which feed on the body fluids of a living host. Gamorreans consider these creatures friendly and treat them as pets. The more Morrts a Gamorrean has, the higher his social status, and some of the greatest warlords often display some 20 or more Morrts feeding on their bodies.

Since Gamorreans respect brute strength above all other qualities, they accept work only if it relates in violent activities. In many cases, they will demand that a prospective employer first prove his prowess in a fight before they agree to work for him. For a Gamorrean, it is not deemed worthy to work for anyone who is unable to defeat him (and who is thus inferior).

As far as language is concerned, Gamorreans can understand certain other galactic tongues, but their vocal apparatus does not allow them to speak any language other than their own. This is a fairly primitive system of grunts and growls that is largely incomprehensible to most other species.


Planet: Gamorr
System: Opoku
Sector: Galov
Galactic coordinates: (398, -129)
System coordinates: (4, 10)

Planet type: temperate/breathable
Planet size: 12 x 12

Controlled By: Aurodium Legion
Governor: Aurodium Legion
Magistrate: Rawth Shacklefist
Total population: 1,954,938,189 inhabitants
Hireable Population: 0 People
Civilisation level: 24.8500%
Tax level: 0.0000%
Planet income: 185,316,058 credits
Tax income: 0 credits
Homeworld of the Gamorrean race, this inhospitable planet has been ravaged by the seasonal wars the tribes wage against each other. Composed mainly of swamps and forests of dead trees, Gamorr does not have any large cities, as the tribal wars are very vicious and many great cities have been burnt to the ground. Also spaceports are rare as the Gamorreans cannot pilot any ships, and do not see the use of one, as trade on the planet is very difficult, due to the lack of natural resources.

Gamorr is, regrettably, considered one of the poorer systems in the Sector. Home to the Gamorrean race, it shares many of characteristics of other third worlds such as a lack of natural resources, wretched amounts of war, and widespread poverty. Few Gamorreans are able to afford education, and those that do usually ship off planet for chance at a better opportunity in life.

Gamorreans, as some say, are not all naturally stupid. Years ago, slave trade ravished the planet, however the slavers were very selective in which Gamorreans they took as slaves. Being strong and powerful, a smart Gamorrean could prove the death of an abusive slaver, and in many outposts in the galaxy, they did. As a result, slavers tended to only pick the stupid Gamorreans, causing the guards and slave Gamorreans spread across the galaxy to provide a horrible stereotype for Gamorreans.

Gamorreans are not a naturally smart race, however neither are they naturally dumb. Rather, like all races, they produce smart and dumb specimens. In fact, given the intelligence of many more populous races such as humans spread about the galaxy, Gamorreans could be considered an above-average intelligent race, although that is purely speculation.

The planet however rarely provides such intelligence, as being a backwater world, education is expensive, and few can afford the trip off planet to show others that Gamorreans are not as dumb as they look. Rather, most Gamorreans are dumb not in their capacity, but in their unfortunate lack of education, furthering the horrible image that has been portrayed on the Gamorreans.

The planet itself, is home to many decrypted slums and horrible rural villages. The urban cities, are usually nothing more than highly condensed huts with a few actually buildings, build upon a muddy foundation and proving to be some of the harshest living conditions in the galaxy, even for a race as tough as Gamorreans. Poverty plagues the planet, and in many cases the overweight Gamorreans are overweight simply as a result of bloated stomachs caused by infectious diseases and malnourishment.

The Galactic aid companies have generally ignored Gamorr, believing that because they are isolated, it is not a galactic problem. Several attempts of groups have been made to help the planet, however most are imperialistic and result in absolute failure; failing to grasp the idea that Gamorreans have a distinct culture of their own.


Force probability: 1%
Race Multiplier: 2.0

Strength: 3
Non Projectile Weapons: 2

Terrain Restrictions:

Initial Health:
110 to 134 HP

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