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Mon Calamari

The Mon Calamari are a bipedal, amphibious race who share the same homeworld as the Quarren. Many xenobiologists believe the Mon Calamari are descended from squid, but evolved a more humanoid appearance than the Quarren. The males have salmon-colored skin, lobed heads, and protruding eyes. The females are more streamlined, with olive-colored markings on their salmon skin.

The Mon Cal, as they are often called, are shore-dwellers, land creatures who prefer to live near the water. Early Mon Cal civilizations fed on the creatures they found in the shallows, and developed an advanced aquaculture system. When they discovered the Quarren - the other intelligent race on Calamari, who live in the ocean deeps - the two races combined to create a symbiotic society in which both races flourished.

Together, they built the huge floating cities that populated Calamari's oceans. Unlike the Quarren, the Mon Cal desired to travel to the stars, and began experimenting with space flight. Their first starships were quite successful, but their dreams of a peaceful life in space were cut short. As with most other alien races, the Mon Cal were simply exploring the galaxy when they were discovered by the Empire. However, the Mon Cal were one of the few races that put up a fight in the face of certain doom. The normally-peaceful Mon Cal learned quickly from the tactics of the Imperial invaders, and were able to drive them off.


Mon Calamari
Planet: Mon Calamari
System: Calamari
Sector: Calamari
Galactic coordinates: (430, 245)
System coordinates: (10, 8)

Planet type: temperate/breathable
Planet size: 18 x 18

Controlled By: Tenloss Syndicate
Governor: None
Magistrate: None
Total population: 5,926,334 inhabitants
Hireable Population: 1,000 People
Civilisation level: 0.8500%
Tax level: 5.0000%
Planet income: 96,489 credits
Tax income: 4,824 credits
Indigenous home to both the Mon Calamari and the Quarren, arch enemies from times predating space travel itself, Mon Calamari remains a planet with a relatively peaceful surface despite the turmoil beneath the waves. Atop the waves of Mon Calamari float the great cities, built long ago by the Mon Calamari and under constant threat from the Quarren. Native algae sacks provide nutrition for many life forms, and are harvested and shipped offworld to meet the needs of aquatic species across the galaxy.

In fact, much of the solid landmass on Mon Calamari is not a part of the crust of the planet, but is in fact merely coagulated floating algae that has hardened after centuries of not being harvested. Serving as further proof that the algae trade is what brought Mon Calamari into the greater galactic community, nearly all of the cities on the planet's surface are devoted to mining, and a large percentage of the population works to harvest the green bacteria.


Force probability: 3%
Race Multiplier: 1.0

R&D Engines: 2
R&D Metallurgy: 2
Space Command: 1

Terrain Restrictions:

Initial Health:
37 to 97 HP

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