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The Qiraash are a race of near-humans with large cranial cavities. With a brain capacity about 25% larger than other races in the Galaxy, the Qiraash are generally self-assured of their superior intelligence. They are typically nomadic, living in small communities throughout the Outer Rim with some concentration on Qiraa, though it is unknown where their true origins lie.

Qiraash resemble fair-skinned humans, but they are set apart by their larger skulls. Though mostly bald, they will typically have a narrow band of hair growing upward from the nape of their neck. When worn long, Qiraash often braid or style their hair into elaborate coifs. Though slightly smaller in stature, compared to other humanoid races, the Qiraash have a higher muscle density with average physical strength.

Known for their logical thinking and savage habits, the Qiraash also have superior survival instincts, which many argue border on precognition. Following these impulses can compel the Qiraash toward actions which may seem irrational to outsiders. While there are few records, and no reports of incidents within living memory, it is commonly believed that Qiraash will go so far as to eat their own offspring when they sense that their community is becoming overcrowded. Despite the potential for brutal results, the race's penchant for cool logic, decisiveness, and heightened instincts, have given them a reputation for mastery in the arts of subterfuge.


Planet: Qiraa
System: Qiraa
Sector: Druess
Galactic coordinates: (136, -207)
System coordinates: (6, 5)

Planet type: hot/breathable
Planet size: 11 x 11

Controlled By: Falleen Federation
Governor: Falleen Federation
Magistrate: Loatu Seeg
Total population: 6,757,834,149 inhabitants
Hireable Population: 1,000 People
Civilisation level: 30.4700%
Tax level: 5.0000%
Planet income: 156,045,462 credits
Tax income: 7,802,273 credits

Qiraa is in the Qiraa system and is the homeworld of the Qiraash people. It is a relatively nondescript planet, distinguished only by its hot, year-round temperatures. Erratic weather will bring snow to the northern-most portion of the planet, but it tends to reach the ground only during the coolest portions of the night and rarely survives beyond morning.

Qiraa's atmosphere is breathable and the air is clean, while the majority of its terrain rock and desert. Within these barren landscapes there is a unique micro-climate, possibly the result of the variation in altitude and the nearby volcanic activity. It is a semi-tropical zone that divides the equatorial region of the planet north to south. Spread throughout this zone there are areas of jungle and swamp.

There is a small section of land near the center of the continent that has historically had several major volcanic events, though the last seismographic report about such an occurrence is over a century old. There is also a fair number of lava tubes scattered across the planet a result of its volcanic roots.

Qiraa has two major cities that both contain starports to receive visitors and export trade goods to the rest of the galaxy. While most of the permanent residents are Qiraash, it has been boasted that every race of the galaxy has touched Qiraa's soil at one time or another. The capital city is Korunaan, located on the equator and bordered by jungle and rock. Qatalone, the urban center to the south, is fenced on two sides by sporadically active and unstable volcanic areas while jungle and the rugged rocky plains to the north and east are likewise formidable neighbors.

Korunaan has highest population density of the planet's cities which works mainly in its industrial and agricultural centers. To the east, large tracts of farmland have long been eyed by developers as a potential expansion of the capital. In addition to its more profitable industries, Korunaan has a thriving cultural district which has nurtured several artists renowned throughout the sector. Korunaan is also where most of the planets resident Qiraash get their schooling through a unique distributed primary education and university system that integrates a incredibly long education cycle of 20 or more years with their various business endeavors. Due to this extensive training, Qiraa's scientists are well-respected and desirable to offworld recruiters.

Qatalone in the south has a aquatic fishing trade based out of the submerged jungle area to the north that brings good profit to the city. The primary catch is a small, indigenous fish prized by naturopathic dietitians in many systems because it is high in nutrients for its size. Qatalone's most prized export, however, is an alcoholic beverage distilled from the remains of this very same fish that is sold all throughout the galaxy, though illegal in many systems.

Qatalone is smaller than Korunaan and does not have near as many landmarks, nor attempts at beautification. The local citizenry, however, is content with its construction and architecture, which blends it with the planet -- a world many believe may resemble the Qiraash's long forgotten homeworld.


Force probability: 5%
Race Multiplier: 1.0

Stealth: 2

Terrain Restrictions:

Initial Health:
37 to 97 HP

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