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Sakiyans are a race of humanoids that evolved from fierce, arboreal predators and are native to the planet Sakiya. Members of this race are characterized by their large craniums, pointed ears, and prodigious fangs. Sakiyans are born with varying skin tones, ranging from very pale tones to darker blacks. They also have the ability to see into the infrared spectrum and have particularly keen senses. While a handful of Sakiyans have decided to explore the galaxy for a broader range of prey and glory, most choose to remain on their homeworld their entire lives, enticed by its temperate climate and excellent hunting.

Sakiyans profit from naturally superior musculature that makes them at least half again as strong, dexterous, and quick as similarly sized humans. Their heightened physical abilities make Sakiyans excellent hunters, which has resulted in them being sought for employment as trackers and assassins throughout the galaxy. They have been known to successfully hunt the galaxy's most fearsome beings including tigers, lyniks, nexus, shistavenans, rancors, and even Noghri. Most Sakiyans seek out particularly treacherous pursuits because they believe the only worthwhile hunt is one in which the prey has a chance to win. It is not unheard of for Sakiyans to consume their most worthy prey, despite the prey's race or sentience.

Sakiyans relentlessly work to increase their personal standing and honour through acts of glory. If Sakiyans perform shameful acts, both their personal honour (monthrael) and their familial honour (yithrael) are forever stained. However, the disgraced monthrael and yithrael can be reversed if one of the Sakiyan's descendants performs several particularly honourable acts.


Planet: Sakiya
System: Saki
Sector: Hutt Space
Galactic coordinates: (351, -14)
System coordinates: (0, 14)

Planet type: temperate/breathable
Planet size: 10 x 10

Controlled By: Falleen Federation
Governor: Falleen Federation
Magistrate: Loatu Seeg
Total population: 88,457,813 inhabitants
Hireable Population: 1,000 People
Civilisation level: 4.9400%
Tax level: 5.0000%
Planet income: 6,295,760 credits
Tax income: 314,788 credits
The planet Sakiya, sometimes referred to as Saki, is the furthest planet from the Exxorleth system's sun, Saki Prime. Sakiya is a largely tropical planet with mild seasonal shifts. Plant and animal life are abundant and cover all but Saki's extreme polar regions; the glaciers in these areas are unsuitable for most life forms to survive without protection. The planet's terrain is characterized by dense jungles and forests, interspersed with rolling hills, grassy plains, and the occasional deep valley trenches through which powerful rivers rage, carrying the massive amounts of melt water into the planet's sole ocean.

It is within these jungle-enclosed valleys that the most beautiful, and deadly, plants and animals make their home. Sakiya is home to, among other predatory plant species, several varieties of carnivorous trees (borineskas) that trap their prey in thorn-laden vines (faskells). These vines hang hundreds of feet from the canopy, capable of ensnaring airborne, tree dwelling, and land-bound prey at all vertical levels of the jungle. The innocent looking vines release three inch, claw-like thorns upon impact, hooking their prey in an impervious grip. The vines then slowly encircle the prey, digging in more of the thorn-claws. The trees slowly absorb the minerals and liquids from the victim's body over a course of several agonizing days, leaving the carcass for scavengers, insects, and bacteria.

Sakiya has also given rise to some of the galaxy's more vicious predators. However, while many these beasts achieve their prominence through size, strength, and speed, the most dangerous of Sakiya's carnivores rely on subtler attributes. The dense jungle atmosphere makes it difficult for large species to move quickly over great distances, thus, Sakiya's predators have evolved to rely on stealth and cunning. An adult gakata, for example, is no larger than a large womp rat, but as deadly as a nexus. Its power is in the art of camouflage, being able to adjust its skin tone, skin texture, body odour, and vocalizations to match nearly anything found in its birth territory. Gakata's typically hunt by circling in front of their prey, "appearance-shifting", laying in wait, and then striking with stunning speed. One claw scratch is generally enough to induce an infection that will kill in a few hours without treatment. One bite will cause paralysis within a few minutes, leaving the victim conscious but defenceless.

The only marginally safe areas are found at the poles, which are uninhabitable for most species, and the grassy plains that are interspersed between jungle regions. These plains are where most Sakiyans make their homes, offering safe harbour for the very young, very old, and injured. Despite the Sakiyans advanced technological and economical society, most live in simple, tightly knit, honour-bound prides, and rarely choose to leave their homeworld. Sakiyans evolved from an indigenous arboreal predator species and consequently find the dangerous environment ideally suited to their natures. They live for both the hunt, and for being hunted; experiences as natural to their daily existence as to their predatory ancestry.


Force probability: 4%
Race Multiplier: 1.0

Dexterity: 1
Infantry Command: 1
Strength: 2

Terrain Restrictions:

Initial Health:
61 to 97 HP

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