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The Sullustan are a race of small, mouse-like humanoids can be distinguished by their huge almond-shaped black eyes, loose jowls called "dewflaps", and pointed ears. Their skin colour is usually pink, but some are grey or light green. They salivate quite often and live underground to avoid Sullust's inhospitable atmosphere. Their ingenuity and adaptability have allowed them to create huge underground cities, and their technology has grown at an incredibly fast rate.

Humanoids, Sullustans can see up to 20 metres in the dark and have an incredible sense of direction, having lived in caves all their lives. Additionally they are known to have the uncanny ability to remember a path or map exactly, even after the first time they see it. Thus, many Sullustans have become pilots and navigators.

Unfortunately, due to the evolution of the species in a low-light or completely dark environment, they are genetically predisposed to corneal defects at around the age of 30 years or so; many choose to wear special visors to prevent further damage when this condition manifests itself.


Planet: Sullust
System: Sullust
Sector: Brema
Galactic coordinates: (55, -305)
System coordinates: (6, 12)

Planet type: cold/toxic atmosphere
Planet size: 11 x 11

Controlled By: New Republic
Governor: New Republic
Magistrate: Grath Gelenek
Total population: 355,359,476 inhabitants
Hireable Population: 1,000 People
Civilisation level: 20.0100%
Tax level: 0.0000%
Planet income: 62,598,875 credits
Tax income: 0 credits
Sullust is the main planet of the system and home world to the Sullustan race.  The planet is mostly rock and caves as the cold temperatures make any planet growth on the planet impossible.  The atmosphere of Sullust is extremely toxic as there are many volcanic regions which are very active causing a near constant out pouring of dangerous gases into the atmosphere.  On average there is a volcanic eruption somewhere on Sullust at least once a week.  The gases from the eruptions form noxious clouds that hover around the world giving the planet an extremely dark and gloomy look from space.

Because of the dangerous conditions on the planet's surface, the majority of Sullust's organisms live in caves.  The Sullustans are extremely well adapted to their planet, building entire cities underground with thousands of kilometers of tunnels leading from each and every way.  The Sullustans are highly advanced and their tunnel cities are considered some of the greatest architectural works in the galaxy.  Hundreds of traders and galaxy roamers visit Sullust each month for the chance to walk around the confines of the caves.  At least one company has employed Sullustan architects to help plan and build future underground colonies.  The largest collection of underground caves and tunnels on Sullust forms the capital city of Suubria.  Thousands of inhabitants live within the main cavern of the city.

The underground caverns of Sullust provide adequate amounts of plant and animal life to feed the Sullustan people.  Most of the animals are small, fast creatures that feed off of the fungi growing in the caverns.  Some of the caverns are also used as farming areas, allowing large amounts of fungi to grow for cultivation.  The hunting ability used in the caverns of Sullust has led the Sullustan species to have a natural sense of direction.


Force probability: 2%
Race Multiplier: 1.0

Fighter/Freighter Combat: 2
Capital Ship Piloting: 2
Diplomacy/Trading: 1
Crafting/Slicing: 1

Terrain Restrictions:

Initial Health:
37 to 97 HP

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