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The world of Ryloth is one of the most unusual planets in the galaxy. Only a small portion of it is habitable, while the rest, a massive amount, is uninhabitable. The reason for Ryloth being so inhospitable is that the time it takes to revolve once equals the time it takes to go around the sun. That is why only a small sliver of the planet is actually habitable, a 'twilight' zone, to be precise. This twilight zone is where the Twi'leks live. Twi'leks are simple beings, but with many small advantages over other beings.

Twi'leks live in underground cities on Ryloth, being extremely careful not to venture outside, unless they have a safe way of doing so. Underground, there are not many sources of energy, and so they must use large machines designed to use wind as power. Also, it is usually warm underground, because of the high heat above ground. The Twi'leks underground cities are more like labyrinths than actual tunnels, and can be deadly to visitors. Twi'leks are mostly silent people, keeping to themselves. They look a lot like humans, but Twi'leks often stand taller, measuring an average of two metres height. Despite their height, a Twi'lek's movements are graceful and delicate.

Twi'leks have many ways of communicating in secret. The majority of the time they speak naturally, with small movements of their lekku (head-tails) to illustrate their conversation. These Lekkus, are often referred to separately by Twi'leks. Tchin is the right tail, Tchun is the left tail.

Other times, when they wish to speak in secret, they can communicate telepathically by using their lekku. This is an ideal way of communication, especially given that Twi'leks are always in the company of other Twi'leks. Their main language is known as Twi'leki, and it's one of the harder languages to master in the galaxy. Aside from their language, Twi'leks only have a few major businesses on their planet. As they are all confined to their underground cities, Twi'leks deal mostly in trading, and rely heavily on the off-world ships.

The major business on Ryloth, and one of the only major businesses is slavery, as amazing as it may seem, but in an advanced form from the regular types of slavery. Twi'lek females will leave the planet and sell themselves as exotic dancers. Ryloth is known all across the galaxy as the best producer of slave girl dancers. This business, however, has created much trouble on Ryloth, and especially in the Twi'lek colonies. Many off-world slavers will land, and attempt to take a fair number of female Twi'leks with them, and then sell them for their own profit, and not that of the Twi'lek civilization. Twi'lek families and businesses must take extra precaution to prevent these traders from taking their only goods.

The society of Twi'leks is also very different from most planets and civilizations, except for one, the Biths. Twi'leks actually resemble the Biths in their motives, and ideas. In general, Twi'leks are not the humble servants they would appear to be. The large portion of male Twi'leks actually plot and scheme to take over their masters' business, and all affairs. There have been many successful cases where the Twi'lek servants have overrun companies and taken control, as most Twi'leks will attempt to gain favor and higher positions in their master's business, eventually leaving them in prime positions to take over.

In all, Twi'leks are important creatures, like all creatures, and do the galaxy a service with their businesses. The Twi'lek civilization will continue to prosper, and defend themselves against pirates, slavers, and the other harmful beings in the galaxy.

Twi'leks are given names that follow the following pattern, 'Name'clan.' The apostrophe denotes a pause in the pronunciation of the name. Some Twi'leks who leave the home planet lose the apostrophe and separate their names into two parts.


Planet: Ryloth
System: Ryloth
Sector: Gaulus
Galactic coordinates: (310, -295)
System coordinates: (16, 16)

Planet type: hot/breathable
Planet size: 15 x 15

Controlled By: Tenloss Syndicate
Governor: None
Magistrate: None
Total population: 31,320,078 inhabitants
Hireable Population: 1,000 People
Civilisation level: 1.8700%
Tax level: 5.0000%
Planet income: 722,778 credits
Tax income: 36,139 credits
Being a planet that is tidally locked around its star, Ryloth finds one side of its surface constantly in day and the other side frozen in night. This tidal locking of the planet's rotation has caused its core to become malformed into an almost egg like shape pointing towards the system star. This in turn effects the mantle by locking only dynamic magma and the plates in the planet's crust towards the edges of the planet where night and day meet.

The dynamic plate effect created a mountain ridge which, being on the boundary between night and day, is the only location habitable by unprotected humanoids. But even this region is full of dynamic weather, as the heat from the day and freezing air of the cold side of the planet meet, creating an almost constant hostile weather pattern.

Surprisingly enough, a sentient race came into its own on Ryloth, living within the mountain ranges in the temperate zone, somehow eking out an existence despite the lack of wildlife on the planet. Some of the galaxy's brilliant minds look at the Twi'lek race, the sentient race which hails from this world, coupled with the lack of diverse flora and fauna, and believe that once, long ago, Ryloth was a dynamically rotating world.

Indeed, in the magnetic north region of the world, there is not even a crust, just a constant bubbling of magma from deep in the planet where the core pushes out. It is assumed that this massive hole in the planet's surface being tidally locked dead centre towards the star does not explain itself without a massively traumatic incident. This, some believe, would have to be an impact from a comet that ripped Ryloth into a slightly further orbit, slowing down its period of rotation and ultimately resulting in a tidal lock.

But after thousands of years of Ryloth's civilized history, little evidence has been collected or analysed. Its mountains, while having old strata, are from a deep source within the crust and do not have the tell tale signs of complex life. There have been some who have brought back some artefacts from deep within the deserts and glaciers of Ryloth, but these artefacts are believed by most as being unreliable due to their sources. Overall, the danger level from the planet, its weather alone being known to knock starships out of the sky if their captains are not careful, in addition to having two hemispheres that quickly heat up and cool down and corrosive winds carrying sand or ice crystals, have prevented any real scientific study.

However, there is no escaping the fact that Ryloth has been a key planet within the galaxy. Its native sentient population has been in and out of galactic politics, by choice or by force, for tens of thousands of years. With the first finding of the drug Ryll on the planet, the planet found itself being exploited by outside forces. As a by-product, the Twi'lek species and its culture have been moulded to fit both the hostile elements in which they live and the extra-solar exploitation of its people and natural resources.

Ryloth's capital city is Kala'uun, which is a tourist destination located within the planet's bisecting mountain range.


Force probability: 4%
Race Multiplier: 1.0

Dexterity: 2
Dodge: 1
Medical Treatment: 1

Terrain Restrictions:

Initial Health:
37 to 97 HP

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