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The Nautolans were one of two races that evolved on Glee Anselm. They are an amphibious race, which prefers to live underwater. The nature of their home probably accounts for their unusual body strength (scientists have pinned this down to them adapting to underwater pressure) and tails growing from their heads. These headtails actually contain many olfactory receptors, which grants the Nautolans a wide variety of abilities, from an increased sense of smell to the ability to detect pheromones. Other abilities have been hinted at, such as being able to detect changes in body chemistry, but none of these claims have been proven. However, due to the fact that these head tails were developed for underwater usage, they are not as effective on land. The longer a Nautolan lives on land the less effective they become.

When explorers first discovered the planet Glee Anselm and the Nautolans, they thought that they had found another branch of the Twi'lek DNA, however further tests found that the Nautolans were actually native to the planet.

The Nautolans were active participants in the galaxy up to and including the Clone Wars and the period there after. With the founding of the New Order however, the Nautolans were subjugated like many other alien races. They choose simple compliance rather than risk destruction and death. However, with the rebellion growing, more and more Nautolans are openly moving about the galaxy.


Glee Anselm
Planet: Glee Anselm
System: Glee Anselm
Sector: Vorc
Galactic coordinates: (-105, 195)
System coordinates: (5, 12)

Planet type: temperate/breathable
Planet size: 10 x 10

Controlled By: XXX MINERS
Governor: CFO Hayden Atreides
Magistrate: Chief Technical Officer Clarr Solo
Total population: 344,783,919 inhabitants
Hireable Population: 1,000 People
Civilisation level: 19.0900%
Tax level: 5.0000%
Planet income: 64,525,849 credits
Tax income: 3,226,292 credits

Glee Anselm is a peaceful water planet in the Glee Anslem system. The planets surface is largely covered in water or swamps, with only a few clear landmasses spotting the surface. The planet is basically seasonal free, with the climate being moderate most of the standard year round. Glee Anselm came through the Clone Wars unscathed, despite its closeness to the Core. It was their location that lead to its quick occupation by the rising Empire.

The planet was home to two natural species, the Nautolan and the Anselmi. Both races evolved naturally on the planet, the Nautolan under the water and the Anselmi on what little landmasses there were. Probably the competitions for land lead to the Anselmi turning into a war like race. However as the Nautolan's gradually came to the surface and acquired land, they were able to use their natural abilities and strength to beat them off. Currently the Nautolans make up the majority of the population, as there are very few Anselmi left on the planet as they continually war amongst themselves.

Currently the planet is undergoing a change, with more visitors from other planets and the Nautolians themselves setting off to explore the galaxy again.


Force probability: 4%
Race Multiplier: 2.0

Perception: 1
Dexterity: 1

Terrain Restrictions:

Initial Health:
74 to 134 HP

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