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A humanoid race best known for their skin and hair colour (which can range from bright red to pink) and their aversion to all things labor, the Zeltrons are a humanoid species from the planet Zeltros in the Outer Rim. While most Zeltrons are in excellent physical shape, due to a metabolism that allows them to eat even the richest of foods, as a race most are extremely lazy. Since the entire planet has been converted to a pleasure world, work is seen as unnecessary, and so has been declared as an offense by the Monarchy. If anyone wasn't having a good time on Zeltros, the Zeltrons would certainly know of it, and would do their best to correct it.

Considered highly attractive and desirable by most humanoids, the Zeltron race possesses two special biological traits. One is that all Zeltrons can produce pheromones, similar to the Falleen species, which further enhanced their attractiveness. The second trait was their empathic ability, allowing them to read and even feel the emotions of others. Because of this ability, "positive" emotions such as happiness and pleasure became very important to them, while negative ones such as anger, fear, or depression were shunned. This in turn has influenced their culture, which is largely based on sexuality and the pursuit of pleasure. Most of their art and literature is devoted to the subject, bringing the galaxy the term, lustier than a barrelful of Zeltrons. Zeltrons are known throughout the galaxy as people to have fun with. Unfortunately, the Zeltrons think so too. Many a Zeltron has been known to follow other spacers and adventurers for years in a type of love-lust. On encountering a Zeltron, many spacers remark that he/she seems extremely familiar. It has been speculated that this is a side-effect of the pheromones, but no scientific proof has surfaced.


Planet: Zeltros
System: Zel
Sector: Airon
Galactic coordinates: (151, 49)
System coordinates: (14, 8)

Planet type: temperate/breathable
Planet size: 8 x 8

Controlled By: Trade Federation
Governor: Knight Dreks Selmur
Magistrate: Knight Dreks Selmur
Total population: 3,310,261 inhabitants
Hireable Population: 1,000 People
Civilisation level: 2.5500%
Tax level: 5.0000%
Planet income: 258,038 credits
Tax income: 12,902 credits
Described as possibly the most idyllic world conceivable, Zeltros boasts what none other would dare: it is the happiest and friendliest planet in the galaxy. Its natives, Zeltrons, have developed a society based on pleasure that leads them to seek entertainment whenever possible and the path of least resistance in all things. To these ends, they have created an existence for themselves which they believe to be absolutely wonderful and they are always willing to share its delights with outsiders. But life on Zeltros has not always been so and the planet has been so changed over its history that its face bears none of the scars from its most turbulent beginning.

Scientists believe that, early in its history, Zeltros was formed like most planets and spun off during the birth of its star. It developed a toxic atmosphere and did not support life, especially with its erratic planetary core that was caused by an extreme rotational elliptical around Zeltro. At that time, the planet also had two moons with equally erratic behaviours. Specific details about the moons are still full of much speculation as they were wiped out in a collision with each other which sent them soaring into Zeltros; destabilizing its orbit and reducing its spin. This cataclysm resulted in Zeltros having an almost perfectly circular orbit around its parent star and a merging of the three planetary bodies.

It would take billions of years following the convergence with its moons for Zeltros to lose its roiling fields of magma and develop a breathable atmosphere that enabled the evolution of sentient life. Even as it became less chaotic, archaeological remains show that for many thousands of years, earthquakes frequently tore asunder the fragile societies created by the ancestors of modern day Zeltrons. It has been suggested that the Zeltrons' intrinsic nature is the result of these tumultuous eras; they tend to view any moment they are spared from tragedy as a joyous time.

When Zeltros finally reached a new age in which its rumblings subsided, its inhabitants used science to make their own drastic modifications to the planet and create an idealistic environment for themselves. The technology used to perfect the planet is lost, but it is apparent that the ancient Zeltrons spared no expense in stabilizing their ecology and their planet's axis of rotation until the seasons on Zeltros melded together, leaving barely any difference between them.

Though its seasons are mild, temperatures on Zeltros do remain below freezing at its northern-most and southern-most points. Humid swamplands lie near the planet's equator and rolling grasslands spotted with deciduous and evergreen forests cover the remaining surface. Many other species have found the planet as ideal as its natives and short visits often become permanent stays. For several centuries, artists from all over the galaxy have been coming to Zeltros to paint its natural beauty; though most would agree that the planet's native population is able to produce works of art which are unrivalled by any other.

If Zeltros' natural beauty wasn't sufficient enough, the Zeltrons, who themselves are considered extremely striking, have also turned its urban centres into a veritable playgrounds for any appetite. The cities are sprawling with casinos, theme parks, hotels, brothels, taverns and other locations for just about every form of entertainment or pleasurable activity. Additionally, the planetary government, which is currently an elective monarchy, encourages and hosts decadent parties in the royal court and elsewhere on the planet. Almost any cause is valid rationale for throwing extravagant celebrations; whether it's to honour a visiting dignitary or to recognize something as mundane as cleaning up from the last party. For this reason, there are few times when planet-wide festivities are not in full swing. With the planet designed for the enjoyment of all, it has become a tourist attraction whose residents are known for being very social and caring pleasure-seekers; even if it is rumoured that some find their pleasure in the lightening of others' pockets.

Over the centuries, there have been off-worlders who have tried to invade and capture beautiful Zeltros and subjugate her natives to use for their own ends. The intruders, however, were unprepared for what some may consider the most unique counter-assault and defense shield in the entire galaxy: once upon the surface and in the Zeltrons' cities, the invading soldiers were assaulted not by blasters and warships, but by the relaxed atmosphere, drinks, and pheromones of the natives. The predilection of the natives toward all things entertaining and sensual has caused more than one invading force to lose the will to fight, which in turn caused the invasion to end in a party rather than a conquest.

Regardless of the desire, as long as it involves pleasure, an outlet can be found somewhere on Zeltros. As it provides for every conceivable amusement, such as a month-long party of gambling, drinking and carousing with the locals, or a relaxing picnic and afternoon painting the gorgeous scenery, the planet has something to offer everyone under its pink-hued skies.


Force probability: 4%
Race Multiplier: 1.0

Diplomacy/Trading: 2
Perception: 1
Dexterity: 1

Terrain Restrictions:

Initial Health:
37 to 97 HP

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