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Thyferrans are human colonists of the planet Thyferra. During the days of the Old Republic it was there that the value and potential of bacta as a healing agent was discovered and the Thyferrans started working together closely with the Vratix to produce bacta for supply to the galaxy.

Business is the focus of Thyferran society and it is a very competitive culture. Beginning in the family business at a young age, many of Thyferrans never leave the planet; instead spend their life maneuvering their way up the corporate ladder.

Because of Thyferra's low gravity, Thyferrans tend to be rather tall and skinny. The climate is warm and humid, so fashions are usually abbreviated.


Planet: Thyferra
System: Polith
Sector: Jaso
Galactic coordinates: (15, -136)
System coordinates: (11, 9)

Planet type: temperate/breathable
Planet size: 20 x 20

Controlled By: Galactic Empire
Governor: Galactic Empire
Magistrate: Moff [HC-1]# Destra Kami
Total population: 1,714,963,755 inhabitants
Hireable Population: 1,000 People
Civilisation level: 5.0900%
Tax level: 5.0000%
Planet income: 4,158,716 credits
Tax income: 207,936 credits
Thyferra is known throughout the galaxy as the original source of bacta. Its native population, the insectoid Vratix, discovered the formulation and the human colonists of the planet (known as Thyferrans) became the major economic driving force behind its exploitation. The two races coexist upon the planet, with the Vratix and Thyferrans having their own separate systems of government. There have been tensions in this balance, with accusations of terrorism pointed at the Vratix Ashern Circle. For such a large planet the gravity is low, leading to the tall and graceful physique of the Thyferrans and also allowing the evolution of the Vratix to such large physical size. Humid jungles swathe the equatorial regions of the planet with shady forest and grassland elsewhere, and it is generally a very pleasant place.

There is little variation in seasonal climate as Thyferra has an almost circular orbit and stable weather system. The lovely beaches are very popular as a destination for tourists and inevitably the settlements near the coast have lively casinos, bars and nightlife.

The location of this planet is strategically significant for controlling traffic passing through to neighbouring systems, which has led to the construction of several military bases to monitor ships travelling in the vicinity.


Force probability: 5%
Race Multiplier: 1.0

R&D Electronics: 1
Medical Treatment: 1
Computer Operations: 1

Terrain Restrictions:

Initial Health:
37 to 97 HP

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