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A brutal reptilian species from the planet Sanyassa. Most Sanyassans do not speak Basic, but have their own language and write in hieroglyphs. Many Sanyassans - appropriately also known as "Marauders" - are known to prey on others without any reason at all, which leads many of them to live as space pirates. However, their skill in space piracy is limited, as even the best pilots among Sanyassans have trouble with the simplest of piloting manoeuvres.

Sanyassans are long-lived and have sturdy bodies. They are two or more meters tall, although dwarf Sanyassans are not uncommon. They are wont to invent lofty titles for themselves within their social structure, but not quite so quick to understand their own invented titles. Most Sanyassans fear being alone, which is why they choose to live cloistered together. Sanyassan society is so warlike that they will choose to maintain barely-working weaponry and armour for decades at almost any cost, rather than to take up a more passive lifestyle. Their rough, four-fingered hands are much more likely to be wrapped tightly around a blaster than tapping away at a computer console.


Sanyassa IV
Planet: Sanyassa IV
System: Sanyassa
Sector: Moddell
Galactic coordinates: (-202, -256)
System coordinates: (14, 8)

Planet type: temperate/breathable
Planet size: 12 x 12

Controlled By: Trade Federation
Governor: Trade Federation
Magistrate: DDoI - Moddell Region Regnavats Killion
Total population: 43,845,559 inhabitants
Hireable Population: 1,000 People
Civilisation level: 6.6100%
Tax level: 5.0000%
Planet income: 3,095,250 credits
Tax income: 154,763 credits
Throughout all the religions of the galaxy, none has ever more aptly summarized the creation of their devotees than that of Sanyassa. "From the beauty, sprang the horrid" (Spr. 47) - for truly the world of Sanyassa is as beautiful as its native inhabitants are horrid. Known for a wide extent of native flora and fauna, the planet was first included in galactic surveys approximately 700 years ago, though their technocratic society shows signs of being at least ten times that age.

Several prominent xenobiologists set up a research base in the north, though it soon became heavily fortified to prevent the native Sanyassans from attempting to overrun it for the myriad of electronics that were held within - after several failed attempts, it was finally captured by a Sanyassan king named Tyulker, who raided it for its valuables, and left the abandoned base to rot.


Force probability: 2%
Race Multiplier: 1.5

Projectile Weapons: 2
Heavy Weapons: 2
Non Projectile Weapons: 1

Terrain Restrictions:

Initial Health:
56 to 116 HP

Famous Members

Corporal [E-2] Balthazar Osk
(Eriadu Authority)

Dreprak Wyndstroke
(Centurion Arms)

Gaerrar Nordanvindurinn

Hired Help Steven Vernius