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The Givin are a skeletal looking race that live on the harsh planet Yag`Dhul. Due to a complex lunar orbit the 3 moons of Yag`Dhul at times push the atmosphere off of certain areas of the planet leaving those areas open to the hard airless vacuum of space. To combat this the Givin developed an exoskeleton that would allow them to survive in a vacuum for a short time. The Givin exoskeleton is bone white and looks like a skeleton that was perhaps dipped in a mild acid until it started to melt a little before being allowed to harden again. The Givin stand about 1.6 to 1.8 meters tall, have no hair and pure black eyes.

The Givin have a very structured society based on complex mathematics, which they had to develop so that they could predict then the tides and atmosphere would be moved by their world`s 3 moons. The few cities the Givin have are hermetically sealed so that if the atmosphere in those areas does go the cities are still safe. Givin language is an odd mixture of basic and math so that even the simplest sentence will oftentimes end up sounding like a complicated calculus problem to the unskilled listener.

The Givin are known to be some of the best ship builders in the galaxy, though modifications typically have to be made on any ships outsiders purchase from them, since Givin tend to plot hyperspace jumps in their head, so they don`t need navcomps, in addition to the lack of pressurized areas throughout much of the ship.


Harrin Prime
Planet: Harrin Prime
System: Harrin
Sector: Harrin
Galactic coordinates: (6, -167)
System coordinates: (10, 8)

Planet type: hot/breathable
Planet size: 10 x 10

Controlled By: Guardians of the Fey
Governor: Faerytail Medical
Magistrate: Vonar Solon
Total population: 6,694,015,199 inhabitants
Hireable Population: 1,000 People
Civilisation level: 54.6400%
Tax level: 15.0000%
Planet income: 750,401,834 credits
Tax income: 112,560,275 credits
The planet Yag`Dhul is not the place for a leisurely tourist to drop anchor: most areas are safe and hospitable to average lifeforms, but there is some chance, nearly anywhere, that things could turn deadly for the unprepared.

Due to its retrograde rotation, opposite in direction to all of the orbits of its three large moons, this world is plagued by incredibly severe tidal shifts. Often, when two of the moons' orbits bring them close together, entire seas are pulled across long distances. At those rare times when all three moons pass at once over one side of the planet, even the atmosphere itself is stripped away from the farthest opposite regions. Very few races are able to survive unaided in the excruciating pressure extremes which occur on such occasions at either end of Yag`Dhul.

While many of the beings in the galaxy would likely be ripped apart in the strongest of these gravitational anomalies that rack the planet, most of the native lifeforms are adapted to travel safely with the tides. Others, mostly large organisms such as the dominant Givin species, evolved in such ways that they can tolerate each disturbance, and then endure through the resulting desolation. Primarily, they are protected by exoskeletons that act as both a frame for their fragile innards and a pressure suit to counteract the unpredictable environment.

The other major evolutionary stride the Givin have made has been mostly mental: their extremely developed and mathematical minds. Only significantly advanced mathematical formulae can predict when and where major tidal movements may suddenly occur, and it was the importance of developing these equations that first incited the highly intelligent Givin towards their famed achievements in mathematics. This extraordinary aptitude has even allowed the Givin to calculate hyperspace coordinates much faster than most navigation computers.

In more recent millennia, the Givin have developed cities sealed inside impenetrable shield domes, which compensate for the peculiar gravity whenever necessary and guarantee a constant pressure level. Unless they are headed directly to one of these cities, visitors to Yag`Dhul are urged to consult the local authorities for a gravitational forecast before landing. If the traveller, for one reason or another, does not wish to reveal themselves to the Givin, they should be sure at all times to wear a space-grade survival suit at the very least, though an atmosphere-faring ship is greatly preferred.


Force probability: 2%
Race Multiplier: 1.5

R&D Metallurgy: 1
R&D Electronics: 1
R&D Engines: 1
Repair: 2

Terrain Restrictions:

Initial Health:
56 to 116 HP

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