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Cereans are a wise and perceptive race whose binary intellectual capabilities allow them to look at an issue from many different angles, and makes them excellent problem solvers.

While they are renowned for their intellect, their capabilities as leaders in battle go almost unrecognized by scholars. They are docile by nature, but when confronted with life-or-death decisions, they become fierce and fearless individuals, inspiring these traits in those under them when leading a group in battle.

They are very ecologically-minded beings, as their homeworld of Cerea relies on a very fragile balance of flora and fauna to maintain its natural cycles and continue sustaining life. This oneness with nature has proven itself time and again as a quality that helps make them excellent survivors in nearly any planet's wilderness. Cereans throughout the galaxy have made names for themselves as excellent scholars due to their superior logic, excellent ability to retain knowledge, and innate problem-solving skills, making their intellects highly valued by educational institutions everywhere.


Planet: Cerea
System: Cerea
Sector: Cerean Quadrant
Galactic coordinates: (-106, -270)
System coordinates: (6, 12)

Planet type: temperate/breathable
Planet size: 9 x 9

Controlled By: The Kingdom of Elysia
Governor: The Kingdom of Elysia
Magistrate: None
Total population: 2,480,806 inhabitants
Hireable Population: 998 People
Civilisation level: 2.3600%
Tax level: 5.0000%
Planet income: 311,816 credits
Tax income: 15,591 credits
Home to the wise and perceptive Cereans, Cerea is a planet rich in the wisdom of its inhabitants, as well as thoroughly inhabited by native fauna, which coexist with their sentient co-inhabitants. There exists a great sea in the center of each of the polar icecaps which holds a great cultural significance to the Cereans, who believe that all life originates from these prodigious seas, which remain unfrozen despite the absolutely frigid temperatures in which they reside. It is unknown why this happens on Cerea alone, although some scientists speculate it is due to the unusually high saline content of the water, which may cause it to resist freezing to a great extent in that area, because of coagulation and the close proximity of the saline molecules.

Force probability: 4%
Race Multiplier: 1.0

Infantry Command: 2
Vehicle Command: 1
Diplomacy/Trading: 1

Terrain Restrictions:

Initial Health:
37 to 97 HP

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