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The Nikto are a humanoid species that have varying appearances. The many Nikto have been classified as different subspecies, but the true difference is only in color, how many horns one has, and how large its frill is. In general the species can be orange, blue, green and even red. Some sport frills on their cheeks, and some of those even have horns rimming the ends. Overall the species is very diverse, which led to some separation in culture due to the tendency in sentients to stick with those who are most like themselves. Its because of this factor that in Nikto history the species divided itself into five different sub-species. They were divided as such; the Red Nikto, Green Nikto, Mountain Nikto, Pale Nikto, and Southern Nikto.

This division led to the growth of different cultures, and even today this division is more than just "skin deep" to the Nikto. But this is a barrier that they have overcome. The species was able to unite together and overcome their differences shortly before the Hutts made first contact with them, and then helped the Nikto become a spacefaring species.

Religiously, their kind has had a cult oriented sacrificial religion base. And these different cults rise and fall in popularity as each new discovery the species makes influences their beliefs. The sacrifices they once made are now no longer a part of their religion, as they have been able to mature past that, as they did with coming to cope with the species' diversity.


Planet: Kintan
System: Si`Klaata Cluster
Sector: Hutt Space
Galactic coordinates: (360, 120)
System coordinates: (6, 3)

Planet type: cold/breathable
Planet size: 12 x 12

Controlled By: Eidola Pirates
Governor: Eidola Pirates
Magistrate: Era`ut Nex
Total population: 627,375,340 inhabitants
Hireable Population: 200 People
Civilisation level: 13.4600%
Tax level: 0.0000%
Planet income: 60,273,806 credits
Tax income: 0 credits
Kintan is a cold planet in the Si`Klaata Cluster of Hutt Space, notorious for being the homeworld of the Nikto species. Eons ago, the Cluster was bathed in radiation from a far away star, M'dweshuu. This provoked alterations of the Kintan's ecosystem and life on the planet changed forever. The native species suffered mutations and different populations of the same race, separated only by geographical features, evolved along dissimilar branches. Thus, the Niktos are a primary example of geographical evolution.

The Wannschok, or "Endless Wastes", is a desert in the eastern part of Kintan that saw the emergence of the Red Nikto. This arid region was once covered in lush forests, but now, only scorched wood and some enduring shrubs can be found among the many caves and lava rivers.

The Gluss'elta archipelago in the equatorial ocean of Kintan (located east of the Wannshock) is home of the Pale Nikto. The inlets in this non-salty ocean have a tropical climate and plains with lush and blossoming vegetation.

At the other side of the Gluss'elta Sea, the Green Nikto evolved on the extensive prairies. The climate is gentler, and water is abundant since the grasslands are crossed by rivers that come down from the northern glaciers, through the mountainous region, and pour their water into the ocean. The Mountain Nikto evolved among these northern peaks, where air is thin and temperature descends dramatically during night.

The Southern Nikto evolved at the southern pole of Kintan, which is covered in desolate glaciers. The vast southern mountain range and the Canyon of Despair (a desert valley south of the grasslands) proved formidable obstacles for the Southern Nikto and, being unable to migrate to warmer climates, they were forced to adapt to the harsh conditions and the barren terrain.


Force probability: 3%
Race Multiplier: 2.0

Projectile Weapons: 1
Non Projectile Weapons: 2

Terrain Restrictions:

Initial Health:
74 to 134 HP

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