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The Klatooinians are tall, humanoid beings. Their skin is rough, with color ranging from olive green to dark brown. They have a flat nose and a canine muzzle, with dark eyes under their thick heavy brows. The severe desert climate of their homeworld has made their species strong and enduring. To survive in their hostile world was a mark of great physical and mental strength. That is why the Klatoonians respect and admire the elderly and experienced of their kind.

The Klatooinians are a proud people and are traditionalists, used to following the traditions laid by their ancestors. They also have a strong religious upbringing, that can tie them down, as a species or a clan, to another entity, be it a Hutt or a crime syndicate or even a governing faction. When a Klatooinian makes a vow, you can rest assured that he will do anything in his power to complete their vow. But you can also be assured that if a Klatooinian ever vowed to kill you, you will be hunted till the Klatooinian or you had been killed. Thus is the way of their species.

This religious steadfast pride and loyalty, coupled with their strong statures, has made the Klatooinians ideal for guard duty, since anyone with an ounce of intelligence would think twice about trying to rush a Klatooinian. They have been a favorite to crime syndicates and Hutts for their steadfast loyalty, and you would never have to think twice about them if they made a vow.


Planet: Klatooine
System: Si`Klaata Cluster
Sector: Hutt Space
Galactic coordinates: (360, 120)
System coordinates: (4, 2)

Planet type: hot/breathable
Planet size: 10 x 10

Controlled By: Knights of the Fountain
Governor: Emanon Klatoo
Magistrate: Emanon Klatoo
Total population: 158,381,314 inhabitants
Hireable Population: 1,000 People
Civilisation level: 16.3600%
Tax level: 5.0000%
Planet income: 26,501,156 credits
Tax income: 1,325,058 credits
Klatooine this desert planet, located within the Si'Klaata Cluster, is the homeworld of the Klatooinan race. Klatooine is found deep in Hutt space.

The Klatooinan an alien race native to Klatooine, the Klatooinans have been indentured to the Hutts seince before the rise of the Old Republic. Along with the Vodran and Nikto races, the Klatooinans have served the Hutts since the battles against Xim the Despot. They are a tall, humanoid race with flat, canine faces and coarse skin. The Klatooinan culture is strongly tied to traditional values, and has been as patient and tenacious as the Fountain of Ancients. They also, like the Fountain, strove to grow stronger with age. The Klatooinans have often referred to themselves as the Children of the Fountain, since they have developed many of the Fountain's characteristics. At the age of ten, every Klatooinan is sold into servitude, usually to local governments. Especially troublesome youths are sold into slavery. This helps the young Klatooinans learn to respect and admire their elders and the traditions of their people. However, they have forever been under the oppression of the Hutts. Like the Fountain of the Ancients, the Klatooinans hope that they can endure long enough to grow strong with age and shed the Hutt yolk.

Fountain of the Ancients this unique, natural phenomenon is located in the center of the Derelkoos Desert, on Klatooine. In a bowl-shaped depression, liquid wintrium seeps from the desert sand and begins to crystallize. As it solidifies over several millenia, the wintrium forms wonderful shapes and patterns, continually expanding and growing. Because of its hardness, the Fountain's shape can be altered only by powerful weaponry, and has stood untouched for as long as the Klatooinan race can remember. The Fountain's continually growth, increasing strength, and tenacity have instilled similar values in the Klatooinan people. It also has certain religious connotations to them. Wintrium this glass-like substance remains in liquid form at very low temperatures, and can take as much as 10,000 years to solidify under normal conditions. It is found in the Derelkoos Desert of Klatooine, where it seeps from the desert and creates incredibly beautiful, natural sculptures. The Klatooinans call the landmark the Fountain of the Ancients, and revere it for its tenacious and wonderful existence.

The Derelkoos Desert located on the planet Klatooine, this desert is famous for the Fountain of the Ancients. Found in the center of the desert, the Fountain rests in a bowl-shaped depression. From this depression, liquid wintrium seeps. The wintrium forms fabulous, enduring shapes and patterns as it hardens over many centuries. The Fountain holds many cultural significances for the Klatooinan people.

Paddy Frogs are flat, bloated amphibians are native to the planet Klatooine. The Hutts used to consume these creatures as appetizers. He preferred them preserved in brandy, which added flavor and kept these vicious little frogs from attacking each other.


Force probability: 3%
Race Multiplier: 2.0

Projectile Weapons: 1
Non Projectile Weapons: 2

Terrain Restrictions:

Initial Health:
74 to 134 HP

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