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Bomis Koori IV
Planet: Bomis Koori IV
System: Bomis Koori
Sector: Wornal
Galactic coordinates: (-60, -250)
System coordinates: (5, 8)

Planet type: temperate/breathable
Planet size: 7 x 7

Controlled By: Trade Federation
Governor: None
Magistrate: None
Total population: 19,833,591 inhabitants
Hireable Population: 1,000 People
Civilisation level: 4.9300%
Tax level: 5.0000%
Planet income: 377,480 credits
Tax income: 18,874 credits
The homeworld of the Ishi Tib race, Tibrin is an oceanic world orbiting the yellow star Cal. The entire planet is covered by a shallow ocean, and the planet has no seasonal changes because of its perpendicular axial tilt. The planet's ocean currents conduct warmth from the inner core to the surface, bringing heat to all parts of the planetary ocean. The only land masses are coral reefs and sand bars, and the Ishi Tib have built their ecologically-friendly cities there.
Planet map: