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Bosph I Bosph homeworld
Planet: Bosph I
System: Bosph
Sector: Bosph
Galactic coordinates: (234, 405)
System coordinates: (10, 14)

Planet type: cold/no atmosphere
Planet size: 15 x 15

Controlled By: Alderaan Mining Corporation
Governor: CEO Kast Derrnon
Magistrate: President Vingt Thrawn
Total population: 24,222,159,356 inhabitants
Hireable Population: 1,000 People
Civilisation level: 51.5900%
Tax level: 0.0000%
Planet income: 3,320,224,206 credits
Tax income: 0 credits
The first planet located in the Munto Codru system, in the northern tip of the Xappyh Sector, Rhugogolfin is the largest solid planet of the system and the most turbulent of the eight.

Surprisingly, for a planet so close to the Munto Codru sun, Rhogogolfin's surface is generally cold with random pockets of volcanic activity having been recorded by the Codruan exploration teams over the centuries. Upon closer examination, the scientists of the Old Republic have hypothesized that it is this particular volcanic activity, as well as Rhugogolfin's ecliptic orbit, including the gravitational pulls from Codru's star and its planets, are the reason for the cold temperature upon this planet's surface.

In other words, the star's and the Munto Codru's gravitational pull are constantly wreaking havoc on Rhugogolfin. Every six standard years new fractures are created on the planet, reshaping its terrestrial face as new volcanoes erupt and burying old ones under the mountains of rock, shifting huge amount of dust and smoke into the air and creating – for a moment – a thin layer of atmosphere that serves as the shield against the star's heat.

While the planet is fairly unstable compared to the forest paradise of its sister, Munto Codru, the tectonic shifts of Rhugogolfin also spring forth a wealth in precious minerals and materials, making mining on its surface an acceptable risk – even to the point of creating small colonies to better process the materials.

It should be noted, however, that until recent years, Rhugogolfin was nothing more then another planetoid, located in the fringes of the Rim – and as such, it was of little interest to both the galactic civilizations and Munto Codruans themselves.

Planet map: