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Last Updated: Year 16 Day 364
System: Neimoidian Purse Worlds
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Sector: Rachuk

Coordinates: (94, 18)

Suns: 1

Planets: 3

Stations: 8

Population: 1,440,432,619

Government: The Krath

An unusually attractive system containing 3 planets all suitable for colonization without the need for large amounts of Tera-forming gear, it is no surprise that over 1000 years ago Nemoidians colonized this system. Holding 3 valuable purse worlds it was a place for the very richest and the elite. Containing a main sequence star this is a very stable system and it is expected that the wealthy standing of these worlds will continue for many decades to come.The planets in the colonies were extremely wealthy and highly developed. They produced vast amounts of raw materials for many industries. Cato, Koru and Deko Nemoidia were no exception to this rule. Rich and powerful worlds they controlled most of the sector or the Nemoidians before the formation of the Empire and the fall of the Republic.
Image Name Position Type Size Population Controlled By Homeworld
Solon Nemoidia 10, 12 Sun 30x30 0 - -
Deko Nemoidia 13, 14 Hot/breathable 6x6 102,164,860 The Krath -
Cato Nemoidia 15, 17 Temperate/breathable 8x8 2,101,489 The Krath -
Koru Nemoidia 16, 19 Cold/breathable 5x5 1,336,166,270 The Krath -
Image Name Position Type Owner
Neimoidian Purse Worlds Hospital 15, 15 Hospital Platform XQ-2 The Krath
Rachuk Defence Grid 13, 14 Golan II The Krath
Rachuk Defence Grid 19, 19 Golan II The Krath
Rachuk Defence Grid 19, 14 Golan II The Krath
Rachuk Defence Grid 16, 14 Golan II The Krath
Rachuk Defence Grid 13, 19 Golan II The Krath
Rachuk Refueling Depot 13, 16 Trading II The Krath
Rachuk Strategic Command 16, 19 Golan II The Krath