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System: Kuat
Sector: Kuat
Coordinates: (70, 53)
Suns: 1
Planets: 6
Stations: 55
Population: 6,631,917,797
Controlled By: Galactic Empire
The Kuat system, located near the great Galactic crossroad of the Coruscant system, is one of the most frequented systems in the Galaxy. It is home to almost a billion people, as well as Kuat Drive Yards, the owners of the numerous shipyards that produce vast numbers of ships ranging from small fighters to colossal Star Destroyers.

Kuat’s only sun maintains the circular orbit of the planets within the system, most of which are near the system's outskirts and therefore have a cold climate. The exception is the planet Kuat whose closer proximity to its star gives it a temperate climate.

Even though all six planets in the system are inhabited, cities of the planet Gortis are maintained by an artificially created climate due to the planet’s lack of an atmospheric layer. This artificial climate is maintained by several meteorological facilities found at strategic locations across the planet. These facilities are also researching possibilities for creating a stable atmospheric layer, which would help the planet bloom with life and give its citizens a chance to walk outside the cities without safety suits.

With nearly 700 million citizens, Daver Kuat is home to almost 95% of the system’s total population, making it by far the most densely populated world in the system. This high population also makes it the center for space traffic in the system and thus the logical position for the massive Golan II battle stations. These stations guide the traffic in and out of the system while simultaneously performing inspections of the ships and all other investigations which may be needed in the open space of Kuat, all in accordance with Imperial law. Also based out of these stations is a military presence which is required to provide order and stability in the system and the whole sector while keeping Imperial citizens safe from enemies and criminals alike.

Besides these defense stations and the shipyards, the system is also home to a number of platforms and luxury space colonies whose prime functions are accommodation and entertainment of tourists. Despite the fact that Kuat is mostly focused on industry, the result being the creation of thousands of large corporations and never ending production of ships, the system has a lot to offer to visiting nature-loving explorers determined to discover unspoiled locations and beautiful landscapes which still hold a huge percent of the surface of the planets.

The planet of Kuat is the homeworld of the Kuati, a human culture known for their skillful talents in ship building and engineering. There is a common saying: “If you ever need a mechanic, employ a Kuati.” Of course, this is not always true, and Kuatis, besides generally being good engineers, are very social and friendly people who make great diplomats, traders, and even soldiers.

Name Position Type Size Population Homeworld Controlled By
Gortis (5, 16) cold/no atmosphere 9,9 1,567,615 Galactic Empire
Ristel (7, 8) hot/breathable 15,15 1,319,551,193 Galactic Empire
Rasapan (16, 2) gas giant 16,16 4,423,600,247 Galactic Empire
Daver Kuat (13, 6) cold/breathable 11,11 803,440,774 Galactic Empire
Kuat (10, 14) temperate/breathable 10,10 74,643,569 Kuati
Galactic Empire
Kuat Sun (9, 9) sun 30,30    
Goravas (5, 11) hot/breathable 8,8 9,114,399 Galactic Empire

Station Type Position
=W= Baphomet Luxury Space Colony (6, 12)
Firebase Daver Kuat Centre Golan II (13, 6)
Firebase Goravas Centre Golan II (5, 11)
Firebase Kuat Centre Golan II (10, 14)
Gortis Orbital Trade Station Trading II (5, 16)
Kuat BoSS Station Platform XQ1 (4, 4)
Kuat Constellation Trade Centre Trading II (12, 6)
Kuat Etti Trade Centre Trading II (14, 6)
Kuat Heavy Perimeter 03-04 Golan II (3, 4)
Kuat Heavy Perimeter 04-03 Golan II (4, 3)
Kuat Heavy Perimeter 05-06 Golan II (5, 6)
Kuat Heavy Perimeter 06-05 Golan II (6, 5)
Kuat Port Authority Station Platform XQ1 (5, 5)
Kuat System Hospital Station Hospital Platform XQ-2 (13, 9)
Kuat System R&R Station Cloud Prime Luxury Space Colony (8, 8)
Kuat Traffic Control 04-05 Ataturk-class Station (4, 5)
Kuat Traffic Control 05-04 Ataturk-class Station (5, 4)
Kuat Traffic Control 06-06 Ataturk-class Station (6, 6)
Kuat Trafic Control 03-03 Ataturk-class Station (3, 3)
Kuat Yard 101-2575 Shipyard I (8, 14)
Kuat Yard 102-1518 Shipyard I (9, 14)
Kuat Yard 103-1644 Shipyard I (10, 12)
Kuat Yard 104-1515 Shipyard I (10, 15)
Kuat Yard 105-2225 Shipyard I (11, 14)
Kuat Yard 106-2663 Shipyard I (12, 14)
Kuat Yard 201-2349 Shipyard II (10, 16)
Kuat Yard 301-5306 Shipyard III (9, 13)
Kuat Yard 302-5305 Shipyard III (9, 15)
Kuat Yard 303-5300 Shipyard III (11, 13)
Kuat Yard 304-5301 Shipyard III (11, 15)
Kuat Yard 401-2616 Shipyard IV (10, 13)
Kuat Yard Defence 08-12 Ataturk-class Station (8, 12)
Kuat Yard Defence 08-16 Ataturk-class Station (8, 16)
Kuat Yard Defence 12-12 Ataturk-class Station (12, 12)
Kuat Yard Defence 12-16 Ataturk-class Station (12, 16)
Kuat Yard Heavy Defence 08-13 Golan II (8, 13)
Kuat Yard Heavy Defence 08-15 Golan II (8, 15)
Kuat Yard Heavy Defence 09-12 Golan II (9, 12)
Kuat Yard Heavy Defence 09-16 Golan II (9, 16)
Kuat Yard Heavy Defence 11-12 Golan II (11, 12)
Kuat Yard Heavy Defence 11-16 Golan II (11, 16)
Kuat Yard Heavy Defence 12-13 Golan II (12, 13)
Kuat Yard Heavy Defence 12-15 Golan II (12, 15)
Outpost Rasapan NW Ataturk-class Station (15, 1)
Outpost Rasapan SE Ataturk-class Station (17, 3)
Rasapan Defense Platform Alpha Golan II (16, 1)
Rasapan Defense Platform Beta Golan II (17, 2)
Rasapan Recycling IV Kwenn Station Recycling IV (16, 2)
Ristel R&D IV Amaris Station R&D IV (7, 8)
[R&D] #10 R&D IV (10, 10)
[R&D] #5 R&D IV (10, 11)
[R&D] #6 R&D IV (10, 10)
[R&D] #7 R&D IV (11, 10)
[R&D] #8 R&D IV (11, 11)
[R&D] #9 R&D IV (10, 11)