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System: Sullust
Sector: Brema
Coordinates: (55, -305)
Suns: 1
Moons: 2
Asteroid Fields: 4
Planets: 3
Stations: 3
Population: 1,800,348,157
Controlled By: New Republic

One of the outer systems of the Brema sector, Sullust holds claim to three planets, two moons and a single star.  The system is well known for its main inhabitants, the Sullustans.  Excellent navigators and extremely impressive architects, the Sullustans have made a name for themselves in the annals of galactic history.

Of the four planets within the Sullust sector, only one is home to a large amount of life.  The home planet of the Sullustans, also called Sullust, is a volcanic world filled with caverns in which the Sullustans live.  The closest planet to the Sullust Sun is known as Losval and is better known for its hot temperatures and an extremely thick atmosphere.  The other two planets are similar; Adnuir and Araron are both composed of rock, volcanoes and ice caps.  The fact that the orbits are the exact opposite of each other and they pass within several thousand kilometers of each other at least twice a year.

Economically the Sullust system survives off the trade of random minerals and other items not often found in the galaxy.  The most notable of these exports is a strange spice from Losval that is mined on an irregular basis. Large mineral deposits can be found on both Araron and Adnuir.  The planet of Sullust itself has a high income which results from visitors with an interest in the great caverns of Sullust.  The caverns are the actual cities of the Sullustan species and their architecture is amazingly beautiful to the casual visitor to the planet.  The only moon in the system is Sulon, a satellite of the planet Sullust.  Similar to other moons it is marked by several craters and generally used for mining purposes.

There are many training academies for Sullustan who wish to join the galactic community as navigators and pilots.  Specializing in freighters and other small to medium craft, this valuable resource is used extensively by many corporations that require transportation specialist.  Also, the occasional Sullustan architect will be hired to help plan a future underground colony.

Name Position Type Size Population Homeworld Controlled By
Sullust (6, 12) cold/toxic atmosphere 11,11 355,359,476 Sullustan
New Republic
Lununmo (4, 7) gas giant 17,17 730,785,762 New Republic
Mumunubb (12, 15) asteroid field 1,1 79,624 New Republic
Munumubb (15, 12) asteroid field 1,1 76,907 New Republic
Umnub (7, 11) moon 2,2 1,273,543 New Republic
Sullumun (1, 7) gas giant 16,16 711,986,982 New Republic
Sullust sun (1, 5) sun 30,30    
Sulon (7, 13) moon 2,2 691,503 New Republic
Sululluub Asteroid Belt (3, 10) asteroid field 1,1 47,180 New Republic
Sululluub Asteroid Field (8, 6) asteroid field 1,1 47,180 New Republic

Station Type Position
NRT Station Ardas Arm Trading II (4, 10)
Sullon Stadium Luxury Space Colony (5, 10)
SY4 Sullust (6,12) Shipyard IV (6, 12)