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Last Updated: Year 16 Day 364
System: Nentan
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Sector: Glythe

Coordinates: (-50, 195)

Suns: 1

Planets: 3

Stations: 24

Population: 938,732,127

Government: Centrepoint HealthCare

The Nentan system lies within the Ottega sector lying in the outer rim close to the unknown regions. The sector plays host to an imperial base.

The Nentan system in itself is home to 8 celestial bodies when including the system’s sun. Each of the planets is unique and has their own defining characteristics. The planets in the system all share a very high speed orbit when compared to most other systems. This high speed orbit is crucial to both the survival and the prosperity of the system.

The system is home to a large gas giant. The fluctuations in size, mass and gravity wells make hyperspace travel near the planet difficult or impossible. The high speed orbit enables the practice of jump to outer fringes of the system, checking the current location and statistics of the gas giant and then proceeding to the final destination with a mini-jump. If the planet did not have such a high speed orbit, the pilots initial jump could be followed by a very long wait as one awaits a safe and opportune time to make the mini-jump.

The high speed orbit also enables one of the most unique sights in the galaxy. There are two planets in the system that have an almost identical orbit. For a short period out of the year these two planets pass so close that the atmospheres literally brush up against one another causing atmospheric electrical storms. If it would not be for the high speed orbit the gravity that each of theses planets exert on one another would cause them to collide with one another.

The systems close proximity to the unknown regions is a multiple edged-sword. The vast unknown are gives the system untapped potential, the neighboring systems could contain the galaxy’s wealthiest planets. The neighboring regions could also cause Nentan to be the gateway to the largest period of exploration and commerce that the galaxy has known.

However on the other hand, this proximity to the unknown regions also has multiple and quite often severe downfalls. This proximity to uncharted and ungoverned space makes it a prime selection for piracy. This same aspect quite often leads to many people who are running from the empire, the rebellion or both to attempt to hide out here. Theses aspects quite often lead to a lack of interest in the system, as many people are not willing to take the risks of a settlement in this area. The neighboring systems being so unknown, also leads to a lack of willingness to settle for fear of invasion. The regions that remain unexplored could be a home to a highly advanced and overly aggressive race.

The system is currently home to a relatively large tourism industry with a permanent population of approximately one-half million beings. The system is also home to small scientific community that is determined to the exploration of this system as well as the neighboring systems. The scientific community is small and is numbered at approximately ten thousand individuals.

Image Name Position Type Size Population Controlled By Homeworld
Nentan 2, 6 Temperate/breathable 10x10 226,872,786 Centrepoint HealthCare -
Gorpithorn 8, 8 Hot/toxic Atmosphere 12x12 559,515,180 - -
Nentan I 10, 8 Temperate/breathable 10x10 152,344,161 Centrepoint HealthCare -
Nentan Sun 17, 9 Sun 30x30 0 - -
Image Name Position Type Owner
Centrepoint SYI01 11, 8 Shipyard I Centrepoint HealthCare
Centrepoint SYI02 3, 6 Shipyard I Centrepoint HealthCare
Centrepoint SYII01 3, 5 Shipyard II Centrepoint HealthCare
Centrepoint SYII02 2, 5 Shipyard II Centrepoint HealthCare
Centrepoint SYII03 2, 7 Shipyard II Centrepoint HealthCare
Centrepoint SYII04 11, 9 Shipyard II Centrepoint HealthCare
Centrepoint SYII05 11, 7 Shipyard II Centrepoint HealthCare
Centrepoint SYIV01 10, 7 Shipyard IV Centrepoint HealthCare
Cythera 8, 8 Ataturk-class Station Cyphor Axis
Gae 9, 9 R&D III Cyphor Axis
Hephaestus 3, 7 Shipyard II Batman Kivan Hamner
Hesiod 7, 9 Trading II Cyphor Axis
Leonidas 9, 7 Shipyard III Cyphor Axis
Odysseus 8, 7 Shipyard I Cyphor Axis
Oricos 8, 9 Trading I Cyphor Axis
Pandora 7, 7 Shipyard III Cyphor Axis
Perinthus 7, 8 Shipyard I Cyphor Axis
Recon East Platform 18, 10 Platform XQ1 Cyphor Axis
Recon North Platform 10, 1 Platform XQ1 Cyphor Axis
Recon South Platform 10, 18 Platform XQ1 Cyphor Axis
Recon West Platform 1, 10 Platform XQ1 Cyphor Axis
Socrates 9, 8 Shipyard I Cyphor Axis
Trading Station II - Medical #1 2, 6 Trading II Centrepoint HealthCare
Trading Station II - Medical #2 10, 8 Trading II Centrepoint HealthCare