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System: Humbarine
Sector: Humbarine
Coordinates: (78, 30)
Suns: 1
Asteroid Fields: 1
Planets: 3
Stations: 5
Population: 736,500,877
Controlled By: Galactic Empire

The Humbarine system is located in the dead centre of Bothan Space; if there were a capital to the sector, this would be it. The star is a medium sized sun estimated to be about seventy-six millions year old.  The rest of the system is mostly inhabited with Bothans, though now many smuggler and transport pilots frequently pass through it.

Ten years ago, the Humbarine system was hit by a meteorite storm, leaving a lot of destruction in its wake. The Bothan people have since that time rebuilt nearly everything that was destroyed. It is projected that Both will be hit by another meteorite storm within thirty-four years, but the Bothans will be ready for the next one.

The Humbarine system is fairly secure thanks to the Bothan navy patrolling it, but every now and then a few pirates will slip in. Some people think this is much more than a coincidence; the Bothan people are very well known for their spying and some believe they have secretive contacts within several pirate groups. The average visitor to Humbarine would not believe this to be true, due to the many security checks travellers must undergo.

Name Position Type Size Population Homeworld Controlled By
Humbarine (6, 8) temperate/breathable 15,15 291,623,361 Galactic Empire
Humbarine I (8, 12) cold/no atmosphere 8,8 429,656,733 Galactic Empire
Humbarine III (15, 6) cold/breathable 14,14 14,969,778 Galactic Empire
Humbarine Sun (10, 12) sun 30,30    
Humbarine Asteroid Belt (5, 15) asteroid field 1,1 251,005 Galactic Empire

Station Type Position
Humbarine Defense Platform Alpha Ataturk-class Station (1, 1)
Humbarine Defense Platform Beta Ataturk-class Station (1, 18)
Humbarine Defense Platform Delta Ataturk-class Station (18, 1)
Humbarine Defense Platform Gamma Ataturk-class Station (18, 18)
Humbarine Sentry Golan II (6, 8)