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System: Harrin
Sector: Harrin
Coordinates: (6, -167)
Suns: 1
Moons: 3
Planets: 3
Stations: 44
Population: 7,383,833,793
Controlled By: Guardians of the Fey
The Yag`Dhul system, as the center of activity for the Givin species, has long been a major site for space traffic. Early relations between these noted ship builders and the Duros and Corellian societies led to the opening of the hyperspace route known as the Corellian Trade Spine. For many thousands of years, Yag`Dhul was the terminus for that route, and its prime destination. The route's later extension toward the Outer Rim only served to bring even more spacers through Yag`Dhul. Later, the Rimma Trade Route was also forged through the system, making it one of the most important crossroads in known space.

The core of Yag`Dhul's domains is the unusual Givin homeworld, together with its three large moons. Surprisingly, all four of these bodies bear life-sustaining atmospheres, and have very similar geological structures of remarkable density. Yag`Dhul's low frequency rotation takes 175 standard hours to complete, while the slowest of the moons takes only 53 hours to revolve completely around it. Each month is therefore 122 hours shorter than the local day. The spin of the planet, furthermore, is retrograde, and thus opposed to the moons' standard-direction orbits, each of which probably began in the common way, though at extreme degrees of speed and attraction. All of these factors combine to create highly turbulent effects on the relatively attenuated matter in the life-zones and atmospheres of the four globes.

The planet's gravity is the strongest, and the elevations of all three moons are fixed and approximately equal, so their rotations remain stable and the tidal flows which they cause upon one another never open any parts of their surfaces to the vacuum of space, as their combined gravity sometimes does to the planet below. However, they do exert enough pull on each other to cause slight irregularities in their revolutions: the tilted orbital path of each moon shifts minutely 1 to 4 times every month as it passes its neighbors. Rather miraculously, according to Givin mathematicians, none of them will actually collide together until roughly 36 thousand years from now. Most Givin consider it culturally important to soon determine the exact date for this, and new algorithms are devised regularly to involve an ever wider range of celestial influences.

Higher lifeforms are believed to have developed on the planet Vlur`Poc, as well, but all went extinct in the system's prehistory; other than bacteria, no native life remains on that icy, airless world. Like Yag`Dhul's moons, one other planet found here also supports various simpler forms of multicelled flora and fauna, but it is only this system's namesake that has borne surviving creatures above a pre-reptilian level.

Every world here was colonized by the Givin for thousands of years, yet their control of them, and of their traditional holdings in other systems, has fluctuated at times, especially since the Clone Wars. Due to the age-old interstellar presence of its government, and this system's strategic placement, Yag`Dhul's relations in the galaxy have grown more intricate with the rise of each of today's numerous competing powers.

Name Position Type Size Population Homeworld Controlled By
Harrin Prime (10, 8) hot/breathable 10,10 6,525,263,395 Givin
Guardians of the Fey
Harrix (10, 14) cold/no atmosphere 6,6 244,563,743 Guardians of the Fey
Harrak (11, 8) moon 3,3 47,375,212 Guardians of the Fey
Harrin Minor (14, 10) cold/breathable 8,8 479,973,248 Guardians of the Fey
Harrad (9, 7) moon 3,3 63,530,242 Guardians of the Fey
Harresh (9, 9) moon 3,3 23,127,953 Guardians of the Fey
Yag`Dhul Sun (1, 7) sun 30,30    

Station Type Position
FGC Yag Dhul Depot Trading II (8, 12)
JK-RD2 R&D II (13, 6)
JK-SY1-A Shipyard I (11, 5)
JK-SY1-B Shipyard I (13, 5)
JK-T2 Trading II (8, 6)
JK-X7 X7 Factory Station (10, 3)
Niknak Shipyard III (9, 4)
NKS Harrin Keepuna Checkpoint 0,0 Golan II (0, 0)
NKS Harrin Keepuna Checkpoint 0,19 Golan II (0, 19)
NKS Harrin Keepuna Checkpoint 0,9 Golan II (0, 9)
NKS Harrin Keepuna Checkpoint 19,0 Golan II (19, 0)
NKS Harrin Keepuna Checkpoint 19,0 Golan II (19, 9)
NKS Harrin Keepuna Checkpoint 19,19 Golan II (19, 19)
NKS Harrin Keepuna Checkpoint 9,0 Golan II (9, 0)
NKS Harrin Keepuna Checkpoint 9,19 Golan II (9, 19)
NKS Harrin SpecOps Poonoo 10,8 Golan II (10, 8)
Soporific Cometh Luxury Space Colony (16, 10)
Volleyball Shipyard III (13, 4)
[NK] Duchess Padme Traner Memorial Medical Station Hospital Platform XQ-2 (10, 6)
[NK] Grandio Che Copah Trading Station Trading II (12, 8)
[NK] HPY-MFS-A [FTM] Medical Factory Station (9, 6)
[NK] HPY-R&D1-A R&D I (12, 11)
[NK] HPY-R&D2-B R&D I (12, 13)
[NK] HPY-RD3-A R&D III (14, 6)
[NK] HPY-SY1-A [ZTS] Shipyard I (13, 3)
[NK] HPY-SY1-B Shipyard I (15, 3)
[NK] HPY-SY1-C Shipyard I (6, 5)
[NK] HPY-SY1-D [ZTS] Shipyard I (7, 5)
[NK] HPY-SY1-E Shipyard I (9, 5)
[NK] HPY-SY1-F Shipyard I (10, 5)
[NK] HPY-SY1-I Shipyard I (15, 5)
[NK] HPY-SY3-A [ZTS] Shipyard III (7, 4)
[NK] HPY-SY3-C Shipyard III (11, 4)
[NK] HPY-SY4-A Shipyard IV (10, 4)
[NK] HPY-T2-A Trading II (5, 4)
[NK] HPY-T2-B Trading II (15, 4)
[NK] HPY-X7-A X7 Factory Station (7, 3)
[NK] HPY-X7-B X7 Factory Station (9, 3)
[NK] HPY-X7-D X7 Factory Station (11, 3)
[NK] HPY-X7-E X7 Factory Station (7, 6)
[NK] Kwee-Kunee Prya Memorial Medical Station Hospital Platform XQ-2 (10, 10)
[NK] Nagatean Royal Academy Luxury Space Colony (9, 8)
[NK] Space Colony A Luxury Space Colony (13, 10)
[NK] T2-MoI-HQ Trading II (14, 11)