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System: Ottega
Sector: Ottega
Coordinates: (29, 233)
Suns: 1
Asteroid Fields: 3
Planets: 6
Stations: 27
Population: 2,617,404,609
Controlled By: Centrepoint Mining
Ottega is a very diverse star system. It contains one gas giant, a planet of sand and lava, one planet of just all ice, another of rock and ice, and finally the jewel of the galaxy Ithor.

This system has many tourists coming and going, and many different people trying to get rich in between, this system is also home to some of the most beautiful places in the galaxy. The Jungles of Ithor are something that most people believe that every sentient being should see once in their lifetime, If not more than once. The lava belt of Saunuir is quite a site to see as well, though few tourist go there because of the extreme heat of the lava. There researchers study the planet and its lava very closely. The ice formations of the planet Thar are often a stopping spot for tourists on there way to Ithor. In this system tourists have the chance to learn some basic medical knowledge from the Ithroians teachers for free. This is done on the herd ships that float in the atmosphere above Ithor.

This system is overall a great vacation spot many people come here just to get away from it all, the people here care little for galactic politics or war, as a matter of fact they where prefer to stay out of them all together. If you are too stress with your current job or if your boss is finally getting on your last nerve this is the system for you to come to and stay a while.

Name Position Type Size Population Homeworld Controlled By
Torgazi (10, 8) hot/breathable 12,12 444,511,700 Centrepoint Mining
Shihor (9, 15) gas giant 16,16 1,335,281,338 Centrepoint Mining
Ithor (16, 14) temperate/breathable 12,12 2,133,149 Ithorian
Centrepoint Mining
Ottega (12, 11) temperate/breathable 16,16 680,616,956 Centrepoint Mining
Ottega Sun (15, 3) sun 30,30    
Harugi Spill I (12, 14) asteroid field 1,1 100,072 Centrepoint Space Station
Imrooso (13, 5) hot/toxic atmosphere 6,6 2,773,583 Centrepoint Space Station
Harugi Spill II (10, 12) asteroid field 1,1 236,018 Centrepoint Mining
Harugi Spill III (8, 10) asteroid field 1,1 238,482 Centrepoint Mining
Gyo (2, 16) gas giant 20,20 151,513,311 Centrepoint Space Station

Station Type Position
Alan's little grease monkey hangout Shipyard I (10, 9)
Centre Point - Ottega Trading I (10, 10)
Centrepoint Holliday Island Luxury Space Colony (9, 10)
Centrepoint Resort Luxury Space Colony (13, 8)
CHC Angels Medical Factory Station (9, 8)
CM Bucket-Tree-Barn R&D III (10, 7)
CM Motura R&D II (11, 7)
CP01 Golan II (12, 10)
CP02 Golan II (12, 6)
CP03 Golan II (8, 6)
CP04 Golan II (8, 10)
CP06 Golan II (10, 11)
CPO5 Golan II (8, 8)
Ender Trading II (8, 14)
Nobody Here but us chickens Trading II (15, 12)
Odin Station Trading II (10, 8)
Pandora R&D I (9, 14)
SY I-1 Ottega Shipyard I (11, 10)
SY I-2 Ottega Shipyard I (11, 9)
SY I-3 Ottega Shipyard I (9, 9)
SY II Ottega Shipyard II (12, 8)
SY IV Ottega Shipyard IV (8, 7)
Trading II East Trading II (11, 8)
Trading II NW Trading II (9, 7)
Webster's first Golan II Golan II (14, 8)
Webster's Praetorium Trading II (8, 9)
Webster's second Golan II Golan II (10, 5)